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Tools That Will Help You Save Time on Social Media Management

Posted by Joe Clarkin on 11/9/15 10:00 PM
Topics: social media

Managing all of your different social media platforms is time consuming. In many cases, social media management can feel like it needs a full day's work to do it right. This can be especially difficult if social media is just one of your many responsibilities.

This post from Hubspot covers 10 great tools to help you save some time as you work your way through social media on a day-to-day basis. Here are our top four:

Social Quant

5. Social Quant

Price: $50/month for single user account

Applicable network(s): Twitter

Social Quant’s claim to fame is having one of the best auto-follow algorithms out there. While autofollowing without intent can dilute your audience and make them less invested in your brand, Social Quant's algorithm is designed to find only the best people out there to follow. Here's more on what the tool does:

  • Identifies real and relevant people on Twitter to follow
  • Automatically synthesizes data of your own followers to refine your audience
  • Finds people who are most likely to be engaged with your content


6. Iconosquare

Price: Starts at $4.90/month

Applicable network(s): Instagram

Considering Instagram has only recently begun to widely incorporate functions specifically to businesses, the landscape of third-party platforms around the photo sharing app is a bit sparse. That said, Inconosquare is one of the most robust of those available.

The tool gives users the ability to track follower growth, the unfollow rate, and how many reciprocal followers they have. In addition, the tool also makes it easy for users to:

  • Track hashtag performance
  • Track what the best times to post are
  • Set up a plugin for posting Instagrams to your FB page
  • Set up a vanity URL for your Instagram content


7. Tweepi

Price: $7.49/month

Applicable network(s): Twitter

Getting rid of the unfollowers is pretty easy for Twitter tools nowadays, as it’s a common tactic for refining your base. However, there are some accounts that are following back that you probably don’t want. Sure, they make the follower count look great, but if they’re an unengaged bunch, it’s an empty number and it’s not helping your ROI in the end.

Tweepi helps you identify dormant accounts and flush them out. And, if there’s someone who’s blatantly offensive in your audience and you want to get rid of them, you can with Tweepi by forcing them to unfollow you. Here's a simple rundown of some of the tools most noteworthy features:

  • Flush out inactive accounts
  • Get rid of undesirable followers
  • Search for users using geolocation capabilities

Social Inbox

8. Social Inbox

Price: Included in all of HubSpot's plans starting at $200/month

Applicable network(s): Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin & Google+

Social media brings a human element back to marketing. Each platform provides businesses with an opportunity to interact, build relationships, and learn from those they follow ... but it can get noisy. HubSpot's Social Inbox App gives users the tools they need to manage their day-to-day interactions and engagement in a way that makes sense. Here's a quick look at some of Social Inbox's capabilities:

  • Get a quick hit list of new followers and content that's resonating
  • Schedule and publish posts informed by clicks and interactions data to keep your following engaged
  • Tie interactions back to contacts in your HubSpot database
  • Create targeted streams for simplified social monitoring
— Evan Seto, Hubspot
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