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The Phoenix Bookstore Encourages Students to Treat Yo' Self

Posted by admin on 5/6/14 11:00 PM

Loyalty programs are one of the best ways to gain repeat business. However, the key to their success is ensuring students not only know about the program but also take advantage of it. In an effort to increase awareness of their program and the benefits it offers, The Phoenix Bookstore at University of Wisconsin – Green Bay recently held a Treat Yo’ Self Day.

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Is Your Store "Clienteling?"

Posted by Joe Clarkin on 3/24/14 11:00 PM

The following excerpt is from the article "Thanks To Mobile, More Retailers 'Clienteling,'" written by and published on MediaPost. Mahoney describes an important new trend in retail that can help your staff win sales if they're properly equipped with the right technology and skills.

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Wichita State University Bookstore Achieves Viral Success with Video

Posted by Dean Asher on 7/29/13 11:00 PM

With the evolution of digital technology, society has become entranced by screens. From cell phones to computers, tablets to TVs, they have literally invaded every aspect of daily life. This shift has undoubtedly affected the way consumers shop and, as a result, the way retailers advertise.

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Omni-Channel Training Allows Small Retailers to Shine

Posted by Dean Asher on 6/17/13 11:00 PM

The article Omni-Channel Training Allows Small Retailers to Shine was written by David Mielach, BusinessNewsDaily Staff Writer, for He offers excellent advice on the next big trend in retail and why stores need to take notice now.

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Does Your Site Answer All Your Shoppers' Questions?

Posted by admin on 4/24/13 11:00 PM

The following excerpt, from the article Whose answers do shoppers want – brands’ or consumers’ – online and in stores?, was written by and published on . Read the full article for more information on how to handle different categories of customers seeking information and how to increase your retention rate.

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Making Omni-Channel Retailing A Reality

Posted by admin on 4/23/13 11:00 PM

In the following excerpt, from the article Making Omni-Channel Retailing A Reality, the author, Michael Griffiths of MicrosoftDynamics, highlights the importance of creating a united system in today's changing world of retail. See what Griffiths has to say below, then read the full article on for more information on how omni-channel retailing is impacting the industry.

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Think Mobile: Tips for Optimizing the Mobile Experience

Posted by admin on 4/16/13 11:00 PM

The following excerpt, from the article 5 easy ways to please your brand's mobile audience, was written by Kevin Allen, editor for Imagination Publishing, and published on PR News Daily. View the full article for more tips to optimize your students' mobile experience.

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An Incredible Ride: WSU Bookstore Scores Big in Sales and Service during March Madness

Posted by Stephanie Kubas on 4/14/13 11:00 PM

The ninth-seeded Shockers kept the country on the edge of their seats this season as they advanced to the Final Four with four wins, one over top-seeded Gonzaga and one over second-seeded Ohio State. And in their first Final Four since 1965, they had the Cardinals fighting hard for a win.

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The College Store Boosts Holiday Sales with E-Catalog

Posted by admin on 3/4/13 10:00 PM

Besides buyback and rush, the holidays are one of the busiest seasons for college stores. Many market to current students with unique gift items and logoed apparel but, two years ago, The College Store at Hobart and William Smith Colleges decided to reach beyond the campus population by advertising to alumni, parents and other non-student demographics, too.

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Target Fights Showrooming with Price Match Guarantee

Posted by admin on 1/14/13 10:00 PM

The following article, written by Ross Taylor, AP, and published on, is further proof that transparency is essential to success in today's evolving retail industry. We have several solutions in place to ensure your students can access relevant pricing information from any location including our e-commerce product, inSite, price comparison tools and even a mobile app. Talk with your MBS Representative to learn how they can help your store stay competitive.

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