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Traditional Merchandising in the Age of Self-Service

Posted by admin on 4/22/14 11:00 PM

Many customers still enjoy the experience of physically shopping in a store despite the many options available online. How can you make sure that the in-store experience is executed as effectively as an online one? According to a report sponsored by Frank Mayer and Associates, featured on Retail Customer Experience, it’s essential that your employees are helpful and educated about your products, and that any signage is clear and not overdone. The following excerpt offers the key details from the report, but be sure to check out the full article available here.

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Let Me Take a Selfie: Teens Use Social Media to Announce College Decision

Posted by admin on 4/21/14 11:00 PM

How does the “Me Generation” announce which college they’ll attend? With a selfie, of course.

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Dakota State University Bookstore Triples Sales with Unique Event

Posted by admin on 12/1/13 10:00 PM

Out with the old, and in with the new. That’s the approach Ben Jastorff, manager of Trojan Center Bookstore at Dakota State University, adopted when he recently accepted the position at the store. Jastorff wanted to clear out inventory, some of which had been in the store for nearly two years, to make room for the updated apparel he had ordered.

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Consumers Don't Think in Terms of Channels. Retailers Do.

Posted by admin on 8/8/13 11:00 PM

The following excerpt is from an article written by Chris H. Petersen, PhD, CEO of Integrated Marketing Solutions, and published on Petersen details the issues plaguing today's retailers and key suggestions each should consider to adapt in the evolving industry. Read his full article for additional information on retail's biggest obstacles and how to overcome them.

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Target Pursues College Students with Bullseye University

Posted by admin on 7/25/13 11:00 PM

The following excerpt, from the article Target pursues college students with Bullseye University, was written by Thomas Lee, retail reporter for Star Tribune. As a college store, it's important to know how competitors, including major brands such as Target, are marketing the same products you carry to your students. More and more retailers are turning to their customers into brand advocates, having them advertise their products for them through video and other digital strategies. Below, take a look at how Target is accomplishing this below for ideas on how your store can adapt the approach to fit your needs. For instance, you could equip well-known students on campus with a video camera to tour their dorm room, or even closet, featuring products purchased at your store.

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Using Pinterest’s Social Cred to Encourage In-Store Purchases

Posted by admin on 7/8/13 11:00 PM

The following excerpt, from the article , was written by and published on GigaOM. View the full article about how this initiative influences Pinterest's monetization efforts.

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Students Design Clothing Line to Reflect Their College's Experience

Posted by admin on 6/26/13 4:55 AM

The following article was written by Adriana Cuevas for The Morning Journal. Cuevas details an exciting apparel line designed by students, but sold at a college bookstore. The idea is one many college stores may find adaptable to their own campus. Take a look:

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Eau de College

Posted by admin on 6/23/13 11:00 PM

Thanks to New York-based company Masik Collegiate Fragrances, Virginia Tech is getting a signature smell. As the only business of its kind, the company is dedicated to creating distinctive fine fragrances that reflect each school’s unique and distinguished character. Virginia Tech is just the latest in a line of colleges who have taken advantage of the new trend, however; the product is already available at 11 universities, including the University of North Carolina, Penn State University and the University of Alabama.

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WKU Students Go Nuts Over Unofficial Store Mascot

Posted by admin on 6/16/13 11:00 PM

Every college campus has something that sets it apart, and integrating those unique elements into your store can be a very successful strategy; just ask The WKU Store at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green. The campus is known for white squirrels (not albino, either!) that roam the area and, two years ago, their assistant director of Retail Operations, Jim Sears, had the idea to incorporate them into the store’s merchandise offerings.

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University Book Store Unveils Updated Location

Posted by admin on 5/19/13 11:00 PM

Since last October, University Book Store at University of Wisconsin – Madison has been under renovation. The 20,000 square foot remodel focused on adding space to their selling area and creating a more retail-centric atmosphere. The results, according to director Kevin Phelps, are phenomenal.

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