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Millennial Marketing Lessons from Jimmy Fallon

Posted by admin on 3/26/14 11:00 PM

The following excerpt was written by Jeff Fromm with contribution from Leah Swartz and published on The two offer up some great observations on how to truly reach your store's target audience by taking a look at the success of late night talk show host, Jimmy Fallon. Take a look at their insights below, then read the full article for further information.

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How the Least-Loyal Generation is Shaping Retail

Posted by admin on 3/17/14 11:00 PM

The following article was written by , Personal Finance and Consumer Spending Reporter, and published on Grant explains the many ways that millenials differ from traditional retail consumers and how brands need to adjust their strategy to meet this demographic's unique needs. Because millenials are college stores' target audience, the information Grant shares is essential to your success. Take a look:

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Tech Trends for the Class of 2017

Posted by admin on 10/22/13 11:00 PM

The following excerpt is from the article 7 Tech Trends for the Class of 2017, written by Brandon Croke, Director of Marketing at Uversity, and published on Doteduguru. Croke details seven significant technology trends that colleges must be aware of in order to meet students where they engage. You'll find three of the points that are most relevant to college stores below. Read his full article for more information on what today's students are looking for.

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Why Millenials Make the Best Employees

Posted by admin on 10/17/13 11:00 PM

Hiring millenials offers a valuable opportunity for your store to gain inside information about your target audience. In the following excerpt, from the article 4 Ways to Keep Your Millennial Workers Happy, Rieva Lesonsky shares why this group is actually ideal for employment, contrary to what most may believe.

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Go Mobile or Kiss Future Students Goodbye

Posted by admin on 9/23/13 11:00 PM

The following excerpt is from an article written by Toni Fuhrman and published on Campus Technology. Fuhrman describes the importance of adopting a mobile-first strategy at higher education institutions and provides some key examples of schools who have effectively implemented it. These ideals should also be considered for college stores. View his full article for additional information on each example as well as some overall best practices that both your school and your store should keep in mind when communicating with future customers.

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How to Serve and Keep Millennial Customers

Posted by admin on 8/6/13 11:00 PM

The following excerpt, from the article 7 ways to keep, and serve, Millennial customers, was written by author Micah Solomon and published on Below, we've selected four of Solomon's points that we think college stores could easily adopt. Read his full article for even more suggestions on how to better reach your target audience!

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Students Prefer Print for Serious Academic Reading

Posted by admin on 8/1/13 11:00 PM

The following excerpt is from an article written by Sara Grossman, reporting intern, and published on The Chronicle of Higher Education. Below, Grossman discusses the misconception of Millenials as the digital generation and their thoughts on digital textbooks. Read the full article to learn more about what the research predicts may occur with the next generation of college students.

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How Millennials Are Changing Everything About Retail Shopping

Posted by admin on 6/24/13 11:00 PM

The following excerpt is from an article written by , of Hanover Research, and published on Business News Daily. The article offers great insight into the adjustments retailers need to make to effectively market to and gain the business of Millenials, college store's main audience. Below, you'll find two trends that McPherson suggests retailers take under consideration; read his full article to see even more!

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Study: Millennials Prefer Traditional Classrooms Over Online Ones

Posted by admin on 6/19/13 11:00 PM

The following excerpt is from an article written by Vignesh Ramachandran for Ramachandran offers results from a recent study regarding Millennials' preference for obtaining classroom knowledge. View his full article to learn more about the mode of education they favor.

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Millennials Don't Worry About Online Privacy

Posted by admin on 4/28/13 11:00 PM

The following excerpt, from the article Millennials don't worry about online privacy, was written by Hadley Malcolm, personal finance reporter covering retail and young finance, and published on USA TODAY. To learn more about the results of the survey, and how millenials' preferences may evolve as they age, read the full article.

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