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University Store Celebrates 12 Days of Buyback

Posted by admin on 12/16/13 10:00 PM
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Buyback is a busy time of the year and squeezing in promotions isn’t always easy. But, with the help of Foreword Online Marketing Plans, stores don’t have to put in nearly as much effort. This year, University Store at Towson University customized our November Marketing Plan’s 12 Days of Buyback to create an engaging promotion that met their specific needs.

“I saw the idea on Foreword Online and thought it was so cute!” said Stacy Elofir, director. “We always do some type of promotion during buyback and this seemed like a fun and easy way to combine that concept with the holiday season.”

The store followed the plan’s instructions, creating 12 distinct deals; one for each day of their buyback. Not only could students score great savings such as $10 sweatpants and 50% off holiday merchandise, but they were also offered fun experiences like free popcorn, snack samples and even a craft day! The store also invited others to join in on the fun. For instance, Tesco stopped by to highlight their electronics that are sold in the store and sponsored hourly giveaways on one of the days.

“We didn’t want it to just be a bunch of giveaways, so we tried to mix up the offers,” she explained. “At first, students didn’t really know what was going on, so the first few days were a little slow. But, after awhile, they started keeping an eye on our social pages for the next day’s deal; it’s been great.”

Elofir’s staff members took advantage of the free marketing materials that came along with the plan in order to spread the word.

“I loved the way they looked; the graphics were great,” she added. “We used the web images on our Facebook and Twitter pages, placed an ad in the newspaper, advertised on electronic sign boards around campus and created our own custom buyback poster that reflected the theme.”

The advertising effort paid off, drawing student attention to the store during a busy time of the year.

“So far, all of our offers have been successful,” she described. “Buyback will really be ramping up this week, so we saved some of our bigger deals until the end.”

Students aren’t the only ones who have taken notice, however. Elofir began sending the store’s daily offering to some of her friends in the industry at the beginning of the promotion, just for fun.

“Now, they’re emailing me, asking what today’s deal is!” she joked.

Overall, Elofir thinks the 12 Days of Buyback has been an easy way to generate traffic, sales and holiday cheer with students.

“Anytime you follow through with a promotion, I think it shows; students could tell that we didn’t just slap a sale up for the holidays. We invested some time in this and really thought of ways to make their last weeks on campus enjoyable, and I think they see that,” she said. “This promotion supported our whole aim of having fun with our students while promoting our products and services.”

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