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Upgrade Your Displays with These 4 Tips

Posted by Kate Seat on 8/7/15 12:00 AM
Topics: merchandising, window displays

Are your store displays and windows looking a little . . . vintage? Maybe it's time for an upgrade! Walk through your store and try to see things from the perspective of your customers, then rearrange things a little with the help of these tips from Independent Retailer.


Store Layout

Almost all shoppers naturally turn right when entering a store. This means that the first thing they see will form their impression of the store and products. Therefore, this first display is critical to attract the customer’s attention and pull them into the store. Recommended items for the “power wall” include new, seasonal, high demand and high profit items. In addition to this, analyze customer traffic patterns to ensure that the layout of the store encourages a smooth flow from start to finish.

Use a Theme

While some retailers like to spice things up with contrasting display styles, it is a good idea to stick to a single theme. Having coordinated and consistent product displays create a comfortable atmosphere for the customer. Display styles, whether formal or informal, can still have decoration variety. Using familiar themes and display locations will allow returning customers to easily find the products they want.

Movable & Temporary

Consider using more movable and temporary displays. These offer flexibility and the opportunity to adapt to customer buying behavior. Customers are finicky and not every display will be a success. Displays that are movable and temporary allow the retailers to discover what works best through trial and error. In addition to this, using permanent displays is a must because nobody has the time and energy to constantly set up displays.

Encourage Creativity

While not everyone has creative talent, many people have a good eye for quality and style. Empower employees through encouraging them to provide new ideas and feedback. Storeowners could even have a contest where employees compete to create the best store display. The winner could be rewarded with having their display used in a high traffic area. This would increase employee satisfaction while presenting a family style atmosphere to the customers.

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