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Using SnapChat to Target the College Demographic

Posted by admin on 4/16/14 11:00 PM
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While Facebook may still lead the way in terms of most users in the 18 - 33 age range, 77% of college students use Snapchat at least once a day, according to a Sumpto poll. This creates a perfect opportunity to connect instantly with your target demographic. Because nearly half of those surveyed were willing to open a Snap from a brand that they were familiar with, they are equally eager to connect with you.

In an article posted on Study Breaks College Media, Wade Estes suggests a few ways your business can use Snapchat to revitalize your relationship with tech-savvy college students. In the excerpt below, we’ve highlighted some of his tips. More details are available in the full article here.

Along with its original fast-paced model—where messages sent to the desired participants, once opened, self-destruct in a matter of seconds—Snapchat launched their “My Story” feature, allowing users to promote a message universally to all of their followers over a 24-hour period.

The addition has proved positive for creative marketers interested in using this app for promotional purposes. Here Study Breaks College Media presents businesses with marketing strategies for using Snapchat to connect with college students.

Create a Custom Coupon

This coupon strategy is especially effective when dealing with college students, who are always looking for a discount or deal. A coupon (and especially one that has the possibility to make an item completely free) is excellent incentive for a student to try an establishment they otherwise might never have visited before.

Give Followers Behind-the-Scenes Footage

Another way businesses can leverage Snapchat is to give their viewers behind-the-scenes access. At the end of the snap, one can place a call to action that sends viewers to the company’s social media page or website.

This same strategy can also be applied to companies specifically targeting the Snapchat-savvy college demographic.

Preview a Product

This is especially an effective way to gain the attention and admiration of the college market, where students pride themselves on being ahead of the curve. By sending out a sneak preview of an upcoming product, brands geared towards this demographic are often likely to initiate a social media snowball effect, as students gloat about their breaking news about the brand to their followers, who in turn often share it with theirs. With one simple snap, an entire marketing campaign centered around the new product can be created.

Have you used Snapchat in a promotion or to let your customers know about new products? Tell us how it worked out in the comments!

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