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We're #typeformforever, Are You?

Posted by Dean Asher on 9/28/16 8:18 AM
Topics: surveys

Surveys are an important tool in the college store's toolbox. They let us gauge customer satisfaction, help our students feel like they're being heard and give us valuable insight to what we're doing that's working, and what we could change.

So why not make your surveys easier to build, and better looking?

We're #typeformforever, Are You?

That's why we're big fans of Typeform here at MBS. It's a free service that lets you build really sleek, modern-looking surveys that are both eye-catching and easy to analyze.

In fact, we love it so much, we made a Typeform survey about surveys, and we'd love for you to take it. If you have just two or three minutes — it's super short — we'd be thrilled if you took it. It will help us better understand how our partner stores are using surveys for their students, and it will give you a closer look at what Typeform can do.

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