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What Do Our Reps Have in Common with Thoroughbreds?

Posted by Dean Asher on 10/12/15 3:40 AM
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For partner stores across the country, our field force make up the face of MBS. Whether you’ve got a question about our services, the college retail industry or anything else, they’re available to help you find a solution so your store can continue to thrive.


They’re an awesome team, which is why we invest the extra effort in making sure they’re well-equipped to handle whatever may come their way. You might not see your rep much this week, because we’ll have them here for our 2015 Sales Meeting!

Our annual sales meeting brings our reps from all over the country into MBS’ Columbia, Mo. headquarters for a week of refresher courses and updates (as well as a few things just for fun!) so they can stay sharp, focused and ready to help your store succeed in today’s ever-evolving industry. (If you're still wondering about the horse metaphors, don't worry. We come up with a fun theme for each year's event — this year's is "Go for the Triple Crown.")

So next time you see your rep, be sure to ask them if they had fun, if they won any prizes, how their team did in the challenge or, most importantly, what they learned that can help your store. The answer may surprise even them!

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