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What the MBS Field Force Learned to Help Your Store

Posted by Dean Asher on 10/24/16 9:54 AM
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Last week, MBS Textbook Exchange held its annual Sales Meeting in Columbia, Missouri for our field force to learn about upcoming services and refresh themselves on strategies. Here's the recap of what happened:

What Our Reps Learned to Help Your Store

1. MBS is more stable than ever

Some longtime course material wholesalers are losing valued customers, while other more recent newcomers to the industry are closing their doors. MBS, however, has seen growth. In the last year, MBS has signed 17 new Systems partnerships and helped stores across North America save their students millions through lower-cost options such as used, rental and digital.

"If it doesn't make good business sense, we don't do it," said David Henderson, Executive Vice President — MBS. "That's why we're still successful. That's why we're a profitable company. That's why we don't borrow money long-term."

2. MBS is guiding the future of college retail

Each division of MBS has something to look forward to in the coming months. MBS' wholesale division continues to develop its pending sourcing program that has stores and reps alike talking about how they'll be able to get more copies of in-demand titles for more savings than ever through the marketplace, without burning up all of their valuable time.

For Systems customers, the future is already here: MBS Systems Arc. Reps saw firsthand how Arc provides stores with multiple application features within a single portal, so they can help college stores better utilize it — and better utilize it themselves during buyback.

The future is now for Systems security, as well. MBS Systems Sales Manager Chris Bovi provided a recap with the security suite MBS rolled out over the past year, including P2Pe, tokenization, chip card processing and the ability to accept NFC payments such as Apple Pay and Android Pay.

“With the new enhancements, the entire purchase process is encrypted,” Bovi said. “There is nothing to steal. The store will never see, never store or have access to sensitive information.”

3. The MBS field team is awesome

MBS executives took the time to recognize some of their many deserving field reps for awesome contributions to both MBS as a company, and to stores nationwide.

Each sales region named an MVP for the last calendar year, and each company division named its consultant of the year:

  • Jim Matson, Eastern Region MVP
  • Esther Rosner, Mid-South Region MVP
  • Amanda Faltyn, Western Region MVP
  • Kris Geister, Central Region MVP
  • Jeremy Roush, Wholesale Consultant of the Year
  • Chris Bovi, Systems Consultant of the Year

Next time you see one of these reps at your store or talk to them over the phone or by email, be sure to congratulate them for their recognition!

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