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What's Responsible for Lost Time at Work [Infographic]

Posted by Joe Clarkin on 4/28/16 11:00 PM

We all get distracted at work sometimes, like it or not. Every once in a while doesn't really hurt, but when those distractions start to pile up, your productivity can really take a hit. So what's are the most common reasons why people go off-task between 9 and 5? In this article from Erik Devaney at Hubspot, they lay out the biggest time-wasters, alongside suggestions on how to avoid these pitfalls. You can find the infographic from "Where Time Gets Lost at Work (And How to Get it Back)" below, but we'd encourage you to read the full article on Hubspot's blog.

Image courtesy of Scoro via Hubspot Image courtesy of Scoro via Hubspot

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