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Where to Begin with Social Media

Posted by Joe Clarkin on 8/25/14 11:00 PM
Topics: social media, facebook

Social media can be a daunting task to those that don't have much (or any) experience with it. But for those just starting out with setting up their social media accounts, we've found an article that we hope you will find helpful. has recently posted an article with a few simple instructions on where to begin with social media, written by Tabitha Jean Naylor. You can read her full article here, but we've included an excerpt below for you to look over.


Facebook is usually the first place to begin advertising and marketing on, because it is used so often on a daily basis by a number of users, including you. Some of the pros for marketing on Facebook are:

  • Marketing on Facebook makes it easy to target an audience. In fact, Facebook now has ads that appear in the suggested interest of each user, so targeting is almost inevitable.
  • With the continuously growing use of apps on Facebook, choosing the right apps can help promote your business. A lot of the apps available are great for driving traffic towards your page.
  • Facebook allows users to easily access information about your business as well as its employees and owners. It can give you the option to remain personal or completely anonymous when uploading information onto your business page.
  • Commenting and sharing gives users the option to spread the word about your business or company, bringing more potential clients your way.

Some of the cons of Facebook marketing are:

  • A lot of communication is required, especially if users are consistently sending messages to your company. Your lack of a response can make the consumer think you’re unavailable or not interested in their business.
  • It is time consuming to set up the perfect page as well as respond to all of your followers.
  • You must pay to advertise on Facebook and their advertisement prices vary.


Pinterest is another new and developing social media outlet to market through. Some of the pros are:

  • Marketing is mainly visual. This allows the readers to get the picture rather than reading through a boatload of text.
  • The audience available to market through seems endless. There are so many different kinds of people who use Pinterest, so the ability to market to people you hadn’t intended is possible.
  • Whatever your business or company is selling or marketing can be specifically searched, making it easy to find. If the user types it in, or even a keyword attached to it, it can be found.

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