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Why Aren't You Getting More Twitter Followers?

Posted by Joe Clarkin on 6/8/15 11:00 PM
Topics: social media, twitter

It can be frustrating to not have your social media sites be as successful as you planned, especially when you can't pinpoint the reason behind it. We don't have a universal fix for this problem on every site, but we did find this article that addresses possible reasons why you're not getting the interaction you'd like on Twitter. Check out an excerpt below, and read through the full article on Hootsuite's blog here.

Your profile is incomplete

The most common mistake people make is to not completing their Twitter profile. Luckily, it’s an easy fix. Make sure you include a profile photo, cover photo, include your location, and add a link to another online profile or your website. Completing your profile allows your visitors to get a top-level understanding of who you are, what you do, and what to expect from your Tweets.

how to get more Twitter followers

You tweet too much

Yes, you’re right, Tweets on a person’s newsfeed don’t last long due to the overwhelming amount of messaging on the network. However, don’t make the mistake of tweeting five messages in a row. Instead, spread your knowledge over a few messages (possibly by scheduling them in your social media relationship platform), and make your followers look forward to your Tweets instead of ignoring them. If you’re over-tweeting with the purpose of reaching the highest number of users, consider instead finding the best times to tweet for your network.

You rarely tweet

The opposite of the above, rarely tweeting also harms your chances of gaining new followers. If people see that the last time you tweeted was last month—or even worse, last year—it makes it look like you aren’t active on social. People want to follow people who actually tweet, so create a balance by planning a specific number of Tweets per day, per hour, and per week. A social media content calendar can help you figure out a balanced schedule for the most optimal reach.

Your Tweets don’t make any sense

Grammatical errors, broken emojis, too many emojis and too many hashtags also deter people from following you. People love a clear message, so don’t clutter your Tweets with jargon or confusing hashtags.

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