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Why Customer Feedback Is a Pot of Gold

Posted by Kate Seat on 5/12/14 11:00 PM
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No one relishes reading negative reviews about their business or employees. However, encouraging comments and paying attention to them is a vital part of improving your retail strategy. By addressing the areas that need work, and responding to customer's concerns in a timely fashion, you will present your store as willing to engage in a two-way conversation.

In an article for Direct Marketing News, Aneesh Reddy explains why feedback is valuable, even when it's negative. We've chosen a few points to highlight in the excerpt below. Check them out and then read the full article.

Customer Feedback Is a Pot of Gold

Are you making it easy for customers to share their opinions about your brand? Are you focusing on channels that patrons can use to voice and share their thoughts? As a retailer, do you welcome feedback and reward your customers in return for their feedback?

Feedback—whether positive or negative—is what ultimately oils your marketing engine and makes it perform better. Consider this: A whopping 70% of customers find online user reviews trustworthy when making purchase decisions. Consumers are very comfortable sharing their thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes about products as well as about the quality of service they get from brands.

With the online world opening up diverse channels of communication such as social media, online surveys, reviews, and ratings, it's becoming increasingly easy for shoppers to voice opinions—especially through Web-enabled mobile devices. With your target audience present everywhere, you can no longer make excuses for not having a structured feedback program.

Every touchpoint matters

Social media, websites, email newsletters, mobile apps, sales reps, or the purchase counter itself—these are all decisive touchpoints that reveals insights into what customers think about you. Customer feedback today is not confined to post purchase surveys, call centers, or focus groups. The horizon has expanded to include true ongoing brand/customer relationships. Manage and listen to customers across all channels to pick up valuable feedback and address critical pain points.

The importance of the human touch

Your customers are constantly talking about their experiences with your brand and these conversations are heard by their family, friends, and acquaintances. You can imagine the dynamics at work here. Any negative feedback and you will not only lose your existing customers, but also lose potential leads through referrals. The bottom line is this: Keep your customers happy by delighting them at every interaction and ensure you go the extra mile to convert their bad experiences to good. Use their feedback to bring them back into the fold.

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