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Why Your Website Visitors Aren't Buying

Posted by admin on 6/11/13 11:00 PM
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The following excerpt, from the article 5 Reasons Your Website Visitors Aren't Buying, was written by Angela Stringfellow Consultant for, and published on AMEX's Open Forum. Below, you'll find a few of Stringfellow's suggestions that we found most relevant to college stores. Check out her full article for even more tips!

If you’re getting traffic but sales are still suffering, take a close look at these factors. The good news is that the reason your visitors aren’t converting is almost always fixable with some modifications.

Your landing page isn’t congruent with your inbound marketing efforts.

When your visitors reach your website, what are they looking for? Can they find it right away? “If visitors click on your ads, social media posts or blog links expecting to find one thing—but instead are led to a seemingly irrelevant page, they end up confused and frustrated," says Ken Lyons of the search-engine marketing company MeasuredSEM. "You might even lose their trust in the process.”

The fix: Lyons says it’s critical to employ a cohesive strategy across all your marketing initiatives. That means making sure your keywords and landing page content are relevant and targeted to the ads and other sources that are driving visitors to your website in the first place

Your landing page has no focal point.

Landing page design is one of the most essential elements of conversion rate optimization. Your visitors need to be directed in a clear and concise manner through the necessary steps. When your landing page seems scattered, visitors are left bouncing around the page without a clear idea of what to do next.

The fix: Make use of tools such as heat maps to refine your landing page design. Users’ natural eye path tends to follow an “F” pattern, so you want to place important elements, such as your call to action, in prominent locations.

Your pages are loading too slowly.

With all the fancy scripting languages and graphics available today, it’s tempting to invest in a flashy website design to impress potential customers. But those same complex elements often take longer to load, especially in older browser versions. When you leave your visitors staring at the ever-swiveling hourglass icon, they’re going to hit the road in search of a quicker solution.

The fix: Keep it simple. Test your page load times and eliminate the elements that are bogging down your speeds without providing any major benefit.


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