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Window Display Tips to Get Customers Inside

Posted by Dean Asher on 9/23/14 11:00 PM
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Are you using your windowspace to give customers a taste of what they can find? The folks at Retail Adventures have offered up 15 tips for retailers to spruce up their windows and catch their customers' attention. We picked some of our favorites that could easily be adapted to a college bookstore.

Change your window displays every other week. Yes, every two weeks. Do it less often and regular shoppers get bored and stop noticing your windows. You change your store’s speed bump display — the small table or fixture located front and center on your sales floor once a week, whether it needs it or not, because changing that single fixture re-energizes your sales floor. Windows need the same kind of attention. One more thing: Change your windows on the same day every other week and you will soon train customers to watch for your new displays!

Choose a theme. Some windows are easy to plan because we all know what happens during certain times of the year. Everything in a 4th of July window, for example, would be done in red, white and blue so that the display screams Independence Day. In-between holidays try something different! There are plenty of off-the-wall national holidays to choose from as well, like Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, Fly a Kite Day, and National Chocolate Chip Day.

Keep it simple. Shoppers passing by need to be able to understand your message within eight seconds or less. It’s easy to go overboard, thinking “I can add this and this and this!” Add too much and all you are doing is making your life harder. Sometimes the simplest displays make the greatest impact. This cluster of mannequins wearing plain white t-shirts labels “sale” is a perfect example.

Use a variety of heights. Displays that are only one level can be pretty boring, so mix it up. If your store is free-standing, or part of an outdoor shopping center, you will want to check how your windows look from the road. Jump in your car and drive past your store to make sure your window displays are easy to see and comprehend.

Set the stage with props. But don’t spend a lot of money! Use found art — the things you have stashed in your stock room, your basement or garage.

Chose a backdrop that helps highlight the product. Backdrops help capture attention and focus the eye on the product display. Try a fabric backdrop, large photo banner, or props. This vertical banner draws the eye up and down as well as forward. You can’t miss the merchandise.

Don’t forget the “Silent Salespeople”. Signs should be eye-catching and large enough to read as potential customers drive or walk by. Choose a simple font that’s large enough to be easily read.

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