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Celebrate Homecoming with a Week of Savings

Posted by Stephanie Kubas on 8/1/11 11:21 AM

Students, parents, alumni and staff will all be eager to show their school spirit in the days leading up to homecoming festivities.  Take advantage of this potential to increase in traffic in your bookstore by hosting themed events throughout the week and offering special savings.


Below, we provide you with 8 easy-to-offer promotions, as well as customizable coupon templates and even sample trivia questions, to make your job as simple as possible!

Choose Your Promotions:

Mascot Monday

Offer a dollar-off or percentage-off discount to anyone wearing or purchasing apparel with your school’s mascot on it.

Download: Wildcard Wednesday Coupon
Download: Wildcare Wednesday Coupon
Download the Coupon
Touchdown Tuesday

Create a sale based on your school’s score at the last home football game. This promotion will work best with a percentage-off discount. Try offering 5% off for each touchdown scored during the previous weekend's game, or a discounted percentage equal to the final score. In either case, set a maximum discount in case your team stomps the competition with an above-average score.

Wild Card Wednesday

Print several coupons with different levels of discounts and have customers draw one out of a bowl upon entering the store. Whatever coupon they chose can then be redeemed with the day’s purchase. Check out the coupon template below that can be customized with different percentage or dollar-off amounts.

Throwback Thursday

Prepare cashiers with an extensive list of trivia questions about your school’s or homecoming’s history. A correct answer will earn the customer a dollar-off or percentage-off discount. Look below for a list of related trivia questions you can tailor to meet your school's traditions.

Football Fan Friday

Continue the trivia game with questions pertaining to football, or more specifically, your school’s football team. As with your Thursday promotion, a correct answer will earn a discount. See below for a list of general football-related trivia.

First and Ten Friday

Offer a $10 dollar off or 10% off discount the first ten minutes of every hour throughout the day.

Kickoff Kickbacks

If you choose, you can continue with sales up to the start of the football game on Saturday. Designate a certain period of time leading up to the game (1-3 hours) where any purchases in the bookstore will earn “Game Day Gold” or “Game Day Green,” coupons, redeemable for future purchases at the store on an upcoming designated date.

Assign amounts that relate to how much is spent or set a universal amount that all purchases will earn. This strategy will help enhance your customer loyalty and increase store traffic even after the big event. See our coupon templates throughout this post.

Download: Gameday Green Coupon
Download: Gameday Green Coupon
Download the Coupon

Personalize and Print Coupons:

We make it easier than ever for you to reward students for their business! We've created colorful, customizable templates for your use specific to each of the above promotions that require a coupon!

Simply click the images located throughout this post to download each separately! Once you download a template, you can change the store name, dates, times, and percentage or dollar discounts based on your specific information. 

Select Trivia Questions:

Don’t have time to create interesting trivia questions for the Throwback Thursday or Football Fan Friday promotions? Don’t worry! Try these puzzlers:

General football trivia*:

*Correct answers are in parentheses

  • What is it called when a quarterback or other player on offense gets sacked/tackled in their own end zone? (Safety)
  • What is it called when NFL teams choose outstanding college football players to play on their team? (NFL Draft)
  • What is a “Hail Mary”? (A play in which the receivers are all sent downfield towards the end zone)
  • When would you try to maneuver a two-point conversion? (After scoring a touchdown)
  • What is the red zone? (Any yard lines in between the offense’s opponent’s end zone and their own 20-yard line)
Download: Gameday Gold Coupon
Download: Gameday Gold Coupon
Download the Coupon
  • During what decade was overtime introduced in college football? (1990’s, 1996 exactly)
  • What is a blitz? (A play where the defensive team sends players rushing toward the line of scrimmage as soon as the ball is snapped to try to sack the quarterback)
  • What is a sack? (A tackle of the quarterback behind his line of scrimmage)
  • Where is the pocket? (The area behind the offensive line where the quarterback is protected by his blockers)
  • Where would you find the pylons? (Each end of either end zone’s four corners)
  • What is it called when a player throws the ball at the ground to celebrate a touchdown? (Spike)
  • A football is also referred to as the ___ skin. (Pig)
  • How many players (currently) from each team are allowed on the field at once? (11 per team, 22 total)
  • Originally, football fields were ___ yards long. (120)
  • Since 1912, how many downs has a team been allotted to score or make a first down? (Four)
  • In 2008, the NCAA lowered the amount of time a college football team has to put the ball in play from 40 seconds to __ seconds. (25)
  • Is the width between the goal posts on a college football field the same as a high school field or a professional field? (High school, 23’4”)
  • The lowest jersey numbers are typically assigned to what position? (Quarterback or kicker)
  • What trophy is awarded to the most outstanding college football player in the United States? (Heisman Trophy)
  • What is the oldest standing college football bowl game? (Rose Bowl, first played Jan. 1, 1902)
Homecoming and school history trivia*:

*Answers will vary based on your individual campus

  • What is the oldest building on campus?
  • When did (university name) play their first homecoming game?
  • Are there more wins or losses on record for homecoming match-ups?
  • What stadium is the homecoming game played at?
  • What are the official school colors?
  • What is (university name)’s mascot’s named?
  • What year was (university name) founded?
  • In what decade was the (university name)’s current mascot debuted?
  • Who is (university name)’s current president?
  • Who is the library named for?
  • What is the difference between an alumna and alumnus?
  • Name a famous (university name) alum.
  • What was the theme of last year’s homecoming celebration?
  • Who coaches the (university football team)?
  • How many devoted fans will (stadium name) hold?
  • Who will be this year’s Homecoming Grand Marshal?
  • Name one member of last year’s Homecoming Court.
  • Who will the (university football team) play during this year’s homecoming game?
  • What is the oldest dormitory or Greek house on campus?
  • In addition to the football game, what other major event happens each year during Homecoming Week? (Parade)

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