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Taking Full Advantage of Your System

Posted by admin on 8/16/11 11:00 PM
Topics: mbs direct, retail technology, Marketing to Students

In order to succeed in the competitive college store industry today, you need to not only have the necessary tools, but also the knowledge of how to use them. Just like your student customers, you should be continually learning.

But accomplishing this task on your own is no easy feat. That’s why we developed customer training sessions on all of our products and applications. Our goal is to not only bring the latest technology to the industry; but also to ensure that each of our customers is capable of effectively incorporating that technology to meet their needs.

“We want to ensure all our of customers use our system to its fullest capacity,” explained Keith Caldwell, manager of customer education for MBS. “These sessions enhance retailers' understanding of the current functions, so they can further benefit from the extensive features and ultimately, save time.”

Similarly, training also allows stores to learn new ways to incorporate these functions in their store.

“It allows them to see the big picture by understanding how the system can best meet their individual store's needs,” added Caldwell.

Adding yet another benefit, MBS recently created three new Training Packages. Allowing stores to ‘bundle’ different types of training, these cost-effective packages are ideal for on-going education.

With a variety of options, including sessions held at regional seminars, in-store, online or even on-site at our headquarters in Columbia, stores have countless opportunities to enhance the effectiveness of MBS offerings.

“The Silver, Gold, and Platinum packages are a great way to get a variety of training at an excellent value,” Caldwell said.

Continuing education is truly invaluable to ensure your store is using its system to the fullest potential. To take full advantage of the new and innovative techniques available with you MBS Total Store System, talk with your MBS Representative about beginning training sessions.

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