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Three Facts You Might Not Know About SimpleSource

Posted by Liz Schulte on 12/5/22 6:45 AM
Topics: college bookstore industry trends, wholesale textbook ordering, the future of textbooks

Chances are you have probably heard of SimpleSource — your store might even use it for ordering. The benefits of SimpleSource are undeniable. This ordering tool, designed to help college stores maximize their wantlist fulfillment with minimal effort, is free and available to all college stores. However, there are still a few things about SimpleSource that you might not know.

Three Facts You Might Not Know About SimpleSourceOrder wholesale inventory, marketplace inventory or both

While stores can choose to just focus on ordering MBS’ wholesale inventory, it can also be used to streamline and simplify marketplace sourcing. If your store already sources from the marketplace or if it is just something you want to try, this tool will save you time and manpower. In our opinion, it’s the best marketplace ordering tool available.

Marketplace ordering can help lower overall costs. You set the price that you are willing to pay for sourced titles and you select which titles and what quantities you want to source. As the books come into the MBS warehouse, our team authenticates the books before they are added into your SimpleSource bin. It’s an easy way to manage marketplace sourcing without devoting a lot of store resources to it.

SimpleSource orders can be open for as little as one day

Did you know that a wholesale bin-and-hold order can be run for as little as one day? If your store relies on ASAP orders, consider this. A one-day wholesale bin-and-hold order has the potential to net more books than an ASAP order. Why is that? Because of reworks.

When an ASAP order is placed, it is compared to a single snapshot of the MBS inventory. However, MBS’ inventory isn’t static. It is constantly changing as books are authenticated and added to our inventory selection. SimpleSource bins are reworked multiple times a day to ensure they have maximum fulfillment. So even leaving your wholesale bin for as little as a single day means that it will be compared against our inventory multiple times throughout that day, giving you the potential to net more books.

Stores get unrivalled pricing and fulfillment transparency

Setting up a cycle takes as little as 30 seconds. Once the cycle is set and running, stores can use the SimpleSource dashboard to see pricing, fulfillment as it happens, the savings you are getting and more. Or, you can simply set it and forget it.

This easy-to-use tool takes the guesswork out of your order fulfillment and streamlines your workload. Once the cycle has run, stores can get their books in one shipment with one invoice.

If you would like more information or help getting started, just contact your MBS representative today.


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