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Wingate U. Bookstore Gets Creative

Posted by Joe Clarkin on 8/3/14 11:00 PM
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10454281_10150402677654986_7646323937588831303_o (1)As they transition to their new store, Wingate University Bookstore found themselves with excess inventory that they knew they couldn't bring to the new location. But rather than just throw things away, Assistant Director Rachel McCullough and the rest of the bookstore staff came up with a creative way to get customers in their store while shedding their surplus items.

"We took items from our store that had been around for a while. Wall blocks, cell cases, wall decals, etc." said McCullough. "We gave away free goodie bags for people that purchased over $50. And then we let people take something off the clearance rack for purchases over $100."

The giveaway event lasted from July 14th through the 18th, and intentionally began on orientation day for incoming students. "We set up a table, and gave them a couple to give them an extra incentive to come into the bookstore," said McCullough.

The bookstore's creativity ended up paying off, as the event was a big success. McCullough said that this year's orientation week sales were higher than last year, and the bookstore was able to gain some goodwill with their customers thanks to the giveaways. With all of the new students getting to campus for the first time, there was no better time for Wingate University Bookstore to show their customers how highly they are thought of.

"[Putting together events like this] is very important. It shows that we value the customers. As a bookstore, we sometimes get a bad reputation," said McCullough. "So anything that shows that we appreciate you, that's crucial. Even just a goodie bag with a few items. It also keeps things fresh, to keep people coming back."

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