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BHSU Bookstore Promotes New Product with a Pajama Party

Posted by admin on 6/12/12 11:00 PM
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Because their store is one of five in the industry that carries Bare Minerals products, Black Hills State University Bookstore wanted to advertise the new line to their customers. Using a targeted marketing approach, they decided to focus the promotion around their female students.

MBS Foreword Online - BHSU Bookstore Pajama Party“We advertised the event as a Girls Night Out and invited attendees to come to an exclusive after-hours party that included lots of activities we thought they would find fun,” assistant manager Pam McKie said.

The event, which took place from 5:00 to 7:00pm, drew a crowd of nearly 300 ladies, all excited for the opportunity to interact with the bookstore in a new way. The main focus of the evening, for example, was the chance to sample the new Bare Minerals products.

“We asked some of our female employees to act as cosmetics consultants and give mini ‘makeovers’ to students using the product line,” McKie explained. “It was a big hit!”

There was much more than just makeup at the event, however. The store offered discounts on all women’s wear and partnered with local businesses to further pamper the ladies throughout the night.

MBS Foreword Online - BHSU Bookstore Girls Night Out“We had a masseuse come in as well as a few ladies from a local salon who did hair and nails,” she said. “They both volunteered their services, so it was a great way to get the community involved. In fact, we already have businesses asking about participating in the next event!”

Adding to the fun atmosphere, the store served snacks such as popcorn and played ‘chick flicks’ on TVs throughout the store.

“Students absolutely loved it,” she explained. “It was clear everyone was enjoying themselves.”

Not only did the event result in positive PR for the store, but also significant sales.

MBS Foreword Online - BHSU Bookstore

“We sold $1,200 worth of Bare Minerals products and had $2,000 in total sales in two hours,” she described. “Even if they didn’t come to buy, it was a good way to show them all that we have to offer.”

There was so much positive feedback from the evening that the store is looking into hosting similar promotions.

“We immediately had guys asking ‘When’s our night?!,” she said. “So, we’re thinking of hosting a Monday Night Football event for them this fall and possibly having a barber attend to provide haircuts. It’s so important to relate to students on the topics that they find interesting, so we’re looking forward to continuing that effort in the future.”



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