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Convert College Seniors into Long-Time Customers

Posted by admin on 3/8/12 10:00 PM
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The time for graduation and finals is near. Many seniors will be making some of their last purchases at their college store for caps, gowns and any supplies they may need to make it through their last exams. Now is the time to reach out to them so they will remain loyal customers as alumni.

Reward your seniors for their years of hard work with reserved store hours and special sales, adding exclusivity to your normal year-end events. Offer a Graduation Fair with entrance only for students of senior standing during designated hours. This strategy provides them with quick and easy access to the important items they need for the big day and brings steady traffic to your store.

Make your senior-only shoppers feel special with extra savings on graduation-related products such as diploma frames and alumni apparel, or raffles and product giveaways. To enhance already high spirits, offer them the opportunity to reflect on their four years at your school by displaying themed poster boards around the store where they can write their favorite memories. Then, showcase these boards during your freshman orientation events or fall rush to enhance incoming students’ perceptions of your store and campus.

Though the rules shouldn’t be strict, advertise your events through emails targeted to the senior class, with a printable invitation proving their upperclassman status for entry to the store. Then, consider having an employee stand at the door during your designated time period, to ‘check’ invitations and add to the VIP atmosphere.

For a more sustainable and financially-savvy approach, designate a password in your email and require that phrase for entry during your senior store hours. Regardless of which you choose, requesting a specific action, such as these, allows your store to analyze how many students engage and act on your messages, so you can tailor your future marketing based on the results.

How do you make seniors feel special before their big send-off? Share your ideas in the comment section!

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