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Get a Guaranteed Quote for Your College Store’s Rental Books

Posted by Liz Schulte on 7/31/23 6:30 AM
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MBS Rental offers college stores a terrific opportunity to provide students with the upfront cost savings they are looking for on course materials. College stores simply submit to MBS the list of books that could be offered to students as rentals. We will send back guaranteed rebate quotes for each qualifying title.

Get-A-Guaranteed-Quote-for-your-College-Stores-Rental-Books_FO-Header_Proof-v2_230728This upfront guarantee tells you how much your store will receive back for your rental titles at the end of the term should you choose to send them to MBS. It makes it easier to offer students competitive prices without sacrificing your margin — you set your own rental prices and margin. Once we receive your shipment of rental books at the end of term, you will receive a check payment within 30 days of check in.

Get started with MBS Rental:

  • As adoptions come in, create a list of potential rentals (i.e. all the titles you might later choose to offer as rentals)
  • Submit your potential rental list to MBS
  • Update your quote with additional titles as more adoptions come in
  • MBS will send back your guaranteed rebate amounts for each qualifying title

Submitting a rental list to MBS for a quote is a great way to evaluate your store’s options when it comes to providing low-cost course materials. A top priority for students is saving money. By ensuring your store offers a variety of options, students can select the best course materials to fit their budget and learning style. This helps increase market share, strengthen customer loyalty and better supports the students on your campus or in your community.

Benefits of MBS Rental

  • Offer students competitive prices without sacrificing margin with the MBS Rental price guarantee.
  • Set your own rental prices. It's your program, so you have control over your margins.
  • Get price guarantees on the most high-demand titles.
  • Purchase inventory from any source.
  • Receive a check payment within 30 days from the day of check-in.

Get started today. If you are an MBS Store Technology Solutions partner, send your rental list via your MBS Rental application. Select Work with My Rental Quotes to get started. You can update your quote with additional titles not previously included at any time throughout the term.

If your store does not have the MBS system, submit your rental list to today. You can update your quote with additional titles not previously included at any time throughout the term.


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