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The 2017 Best of College Store Scavenger Hunts

Posted by Lori Reese on 1/5/18 5:30 AM
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Scavenger hunts offer college stores a wealth of opportunity. They bring students through your doors. They offer a fun way to bond with newcomers, while helping them make new friends, get to know the campus and become acquainted with your offerings. What’s the best way to ensure your scavenger hunt is a success? Here, we offer our compendium of scavenger hunt articles. They include tales of successful store events and our Monthly Marketing Plans, which make setting up your scavenger hunt quick and easy.

The 2017 Best of  College Store Scavenger Hunts

June 2016: Social Scavenger Hunt

Creating fun ways for students to interact with your store early on in their college experience is crucial to your long-term success. If you can establish a positive relationship from the jump, then you will earn a loyal customer for the next four years.

One simple way for you to kick-start those relationships is by hosting a scavenger hunt for new students. This will not only be fun for your staff and your participants, but it’s also a really easy way to get your students acquainted with the services your store offers and the campus layout.

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March 2014: Spruce Up Your Spring

For many students, the time between spring break and finals seems to drag on — but not at your store. A campus-wide scavenger hunt is just the thing to get students excited about a new season.

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July 2011: Freshman Scavenger Hunt

Gaining students’ loyalty from the first day is essential to your store’s long-term success.  Acquaint with the services your store has to offer with an interactive Scavenger Hunt.  At each location, students will find a QR code, scannable by a smartphone, revealing a clue to the next location.

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UMBC Bookstore Boosts Twitter Following with Friday the 13th Contest

Friday the 13th usually gets a bad rap. But that wasn’t the case at the University of Maryland – Baltimore County this year. Students had the opportunity to compete in a Twitter-based scavenger hunt; a search that led two very lucky winners to a secret location where they were awarded a special prize.

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The Duck Store Flocks the Block With a Mobile Scavenger Hunt

After the city finished a major reconstruction on much of the street outside their location, The Duck Store at University of Oregon wanted to find a unique way to celebrate the changes. A mobile scavenger hunt was the perfect solution. By combining text messaging with QR codes, Flock the Block offered an interactive event unlike any other on the campus.

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