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Untether Your Point of Service with the MBS POS on Microsoft Surface Pro

Posted by Dean Asher on 11/21/16 5:00 AM
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Working at a college store requires being on the move. We understand that there are opportunities and events outside the bookstore, and our mobile POS is designed to free you from traditional retail boundaries, expanding your sales floor to wherever your customers are.

Untether Your Point of Service with the MBS POS on Microsoft Surface Pro

Providing much-needed portability in a convenience-driven market, the MBS POS on the Microsoft Surface® Pro allows stores to enhance customer service and simplify retail operations by taking sales anywhere.


The Surface Pro's power and portability means it works however you need it to immediately. Simply flip the Surface Pro closed and you're on the go — it can work as an additional POS register or as its own server-and-register store with only an internet connection required.


Stores are often resistant to changes to their existing POS infrastructure, and it's understandable. Often, adding new lanes or changing up hardware is costly and time consuming, or it requires a significant amount of training for staff to get acclimated to the change. The Surface Pro POS can utilize your existing scanner and pinpad peripherals, leading to low overhead and adoption costs.


That said, each store has a unique setup and unique needs, so it's up to you which peripherals or additional devices you want to use. Surface Pro POS works however you need it to, with or without a cash drawer, printer or other devices.

Contact us to learn more about the latest in mobile POS technology, and how it can help your store.

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