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Preparing for Mobile Sales and Events

Posted by Liz Schulte on 6/14/21 6:30 AM
Topics: mobile POS, mobile technology, marketing for college bookstores

As COVID-19 restrictions begin to lift, mobile sales and events will still be pivotal to the success of college stores. From pop-up locations to campus events and celebrations, the bookstore needs to be where students and customers congregate. That’s why it's important that your store’s retail system has the mobile options necessary to meet customer demands inside and out of the bookstore.

Preparing for mobile sales and eventsAs you prepare for your store’s next mobile event, consider the options available to you through your collegiate retail system.

  • Does your POS run within your campus or store network from any location?
  • Will you be able to use your POS PIN pad and peripherals?
  • Will you be able to accept credit cards, one-card, student financial aid and gift card payments?
  • What receipt options will customers have?
  • Is your mobile checkout option fully integrated with your system’s applications, updating your data when you close out sales for the day?
  • Can it easily and wirelessly perform operational tasks?
  • Does it provide point-to-point encryption for credit/debit card transactions?

The MBS Surface Pro offers partners all of these options plus exceptional functionality and a vast network of support. The Surface Pro POS is designed to free you from your bookstore’s boundaries, expanding your sales floor to wherever your customers are.

You can use the POS both in-store and on-location to enhance customer service and simplify retail operations by utilizing versatile, portable technology. The flexible MBS Surface Pro provides a register or register/server combination. On the campus network, the register option can communicate with the store POS server in real-time. With the register/server combination, the mobile unit can perform all transactions—from credit cards to financial aid—anywhere, anytime.

With a live connection, your mobile POS offers and accepts the same transaction types and tenders as your in-store registers. It also features an intuitive touch-screen interface with a keyboard layout, reducing pre-event setup.

Some of the key features of the MBS Surface Pro are:

  • Utilize your existing PINpad and scanner peripherals when operating as a stationary register

  • You can choose the equipment you would like to operate it with, such as a cash drawer, printer or other equipment

  • Run the POS within your campus or store network from any location with a network connection (Ethernet, Wireless or Hotspot)

  • Accept credit card, one-card, student financial aid and gift card payments, providing a user-friendly, familiar and engaging purchase experience for the customer

  • Email receipts, print a hard copy to the attached printer, or both

  • Update system data when you close out sales for the day

  • Easily and wirelessly perform operational tasks such as inventory through synchronization to MBS applications

  • Protect customers information by providing point-to-point encryption for credit/debit card transactions

If you are interested in learning more about MBS Store Technology Solution’s POS options, contact your MBS sales representative for more information.


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