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3 Reasons to Budget for Collegiate Retail System Improvements in the Coming Year

Posted by Liz Schulte on 9/27/21 9:00 AM
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It’s important to make plans that will continue to allow your store to evolve and grow, especially during times of tremendous industry change. Just coming out of rush is the perfect time to start noting upgrades you would like to make in your store. So, as you are planning and making budget decisions for the next year, here is why you should consider including system upgrades in your budget.

3 Reasons to Budget for Collegiate Retail System Improvements3 reasons college stores should budget for system improvements

Technology, customers, and the retail and education industries are in a rapid state of change. It is good to have funds set aside to bulk up your system as necessary to meet the bookstore’s current and future demands. System improvements increase functionality and save labor. By planning for them in advance, you will streamline implementation.

Reasons to budget for system improvements:

Maximizing system functionality

Over the last couple of years, there has been a lot of employee turnover throughout the nation and the retail industry. Already short-staffed, it’s important to have a plan for how new employees can receive the level of training they need to be successful.

Also, current employees can often benefit from additional training and system tutorials. With the scope and depth of collegiate retail systems, your store may have access to functionality that isn’t being used or could be used in a more efficient manner.

With official training, you can ensure your store has the resources to educate every new employee on your specific college store system and set aside time for current employees to learn and implement new system functionality.

Labor savings

Software add-ons can add functionality and streamline your workload. As education and retail continue to evolve, new technology is constantly being developed to help your store better meet market demands. Setting aside funds that will enable your store to continue to evolve, improve your customer service, and meet your store and college goals can have a big impact on what you can accomplish with limited manpower.

Investing in the future

When you think back onto this past rush, what areas stand out as potential areas for improvement. Did you have the right number of stationary and mobile POS? Were there plenty of handheld devices for performing mobile back-office tasks?

Now is the perfect time to start thinking about the larger system additions or upgrades you might need to keep up with demands. By making sure registers and peripherals are current, you ensure your store benefits from the best performance and highest security available. You are investing in the future of your store and setting it up for long-term success.

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