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5 Reasons to Shop at the Bookstore

Posted by Dean Asher on 7/21/15 11:00 PM
Topics: back to college, sales strategies

The new term is right around the corner, and with it thousands of students around the country will be making the same decision: should they shop with their campus bookstore, or should they take a risk on a third party?

As the cost of higher education rises, the promise of underselling list prices will entice more students to try online vendors or competition down the street. We all know the pitfalls they face when they do so — so when you're planning your store's inserts to your new student orientation booklet or coming up with that perfect back-to-school Facebook post, here are some great tips for you to pass along to your students.

Why shop at my campus store?

Everything you need is in one place

MBS Foreword Online - December Marketing PlanWhether this is your first time leaving home or your seventh semester back, coming to campus is a hectic time. Every book for every class on your schedule is all here, so why waste precious time scouring the internet for your book list?

No wait, no risk

If you come into the store, you leave with your books. They're right there, ready to go for the start of class. If you buy online, you risk delays waiting for your book, having the wrong order show up or not getting your book at all.

Save on shipping

Shipping rates are expensive — especially if you bought your books from different sellers. Skip the charge altogether and pick up your books in person!

Hassle-free returns

Things happen. Whether you drop a class or picked up the wrong title, you won't have to wait to send your book off to get your refund. Simply bring your book back to the store and return it or trade it in!

Rent and save!

With rental, you don't have to worry. Save more money up front, and simply bring your books back at the end of the term!

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