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9 Ways to Keep the Back-to-School Rush Going

Posted by Kate Seat on 9/4/18 6:00 AM

Just because things slow down once school begins doesn't mean you have to accept slower sales! By taking a proactive approach and scheduling a mix of fun events throughout the semester, you can expand your customers' perception of your store from "just" the place to pick up their course materials to a year-round staple. Here are some easy ways to get started:

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NDSU Opens the Doors for an After Hours Bash

Posted by Kate Seat on 9/14/15 12:00 AM

Last week, NDSU Bookstore welcomed students back to campus with their eighth annual After Hours Party. This tradition is a nice break for staff and students alike after the hectic textbook rush ends, combining an ice cream social with simple games and plenty of prizes. Both the free ice cream and the prizes seem to be equally big draws.

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5 Reasons to Shop at the Bookstore

Posted by Dean Asher on 7/21/15 11:00 PM

The new term is right around the corner, and with it thousands of students around the country will be making the same decision: should they shop with their campus bookstore, or should they take a risk on a third party?

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TCTC Campus Store Shows Its Fun Side with Fall Frenzy

Posted by admin on 8/18/13 11:00 PM

College stores are always looking for new ways to connect with their students. For TCTC Campus Store, inspiration is often found in popular culture. For example, their latest initiative, Fall Frenzy, brings customers into the store for a series of in-store events that are based on current trends and correspond to each day of the week. Best of all, it cost very little to implement!

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Wichita State University Bookstore Saves Time and Effort with Non-Serialized Rental

Posted by admin on 3/26/12 11:00 PM

With upfront savings on their minds, students across the country are demanding textbook rental. But, many college stores are hesitant to offer the option because of the extra labor and financial risk involved. Wichita State University Bookstore, who has offered rental for the past three semesters, was definitely no exception.

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