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Chris Bovi

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Chris joined the wholesale division of MBS in 1993. In 1998, Chris joined Systems Division at MBS as a Systems Sales Consultant for the east coast. His current responsibilities include working with current MBS Systems customers educating them on new products and services, along with upgrade planning and consulting on technology. Chris also works with prospective customers; evaluating their technology needs and putting together solutions from MBS to help them meet and exceed their goals. Chris is based out of Charlotte, North Carolina.

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EMV: the Tip of the Credit Card Security Iceberg

Posted by Chris Bovi on 10/28/15 12:00 AM

Whether you’re a systems provider, merchant services person, banker or an actual retailer, many folks in retail have spent the last 18 months talking about EMV. For those of you who might have spent the last year or two on a mission trip to the Amazon, EMV stands for "Europay, Master Card and Visa." This encompasses what we’ve taken to calling “chip cards.” They replace the mag stripe that has graced our credit cards for almost 40 years, and provide a greater level of security.

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