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Spotlight: Wichita State University Shocker Store on Successful Loyalty Programs in Collegiate Retail

Build Faculty Relations With This Student Affordability Checklist

Spotlight: Vincennes University Bookstores on Collegiate Retail Events

Chaffey College Campus Store Has One Less Thing to Worry About With SimpleSource

The Options Customers Want to See on Your Website

Spotlight: Trends in College Store Customer Service

JCCC Bookstore Elevates Its Campus Profile

How Can Your College Store Management System Improve Customer Experience?

Tips and Tricks to Get the Most Out of Your MBS System

How the Georgia Southern University Store Adapts with Retail and Textbook Changes

Spotlight: Jenna Lee - Are You Taking Full Advantage of Your College Store Retail System?

Thompson Rivers University Bookstore Increased Used Book Sales 40%

Apple® DEP Elevates CMU University Store

How AI is Changing the Textbook Industry

CCRI Discovers the Power of Retail Analytics

The Complete Guide to Alternative Revenue Streams for College Stores [White Paper]

Spotlight: How to Streamline Implementation of a New Retail System

Increasing Your Digital Flexibility

5 Ways Your College Store Can Compete with Retail Giants

A Comprehensive Guide to Twitter for Campus Bookstores

For Towson and NMJC, System Training Is Vital to Campus Store Success

A Comprehensive Guide to Snapchat for Campus Bookstores

4 Ways Campus Stores Maximize Local Vendor Partnerships

BYU Store’s New Store Design Delivers an Immersive Retail Experience

Survey Results: A Snapshot of Campus Store Goals and Challenges

A Comprehensive Guide to Instagram for Campus Bookstores

Spotlight University of Pittsburgh Book Store: GM That Drives Relevance

The UCLA Store’s Web Returns and Social Media Boosts Student Engagement

A Comprehensive Guide to Facebook for Campus Bookstores

An MBS Partnership Serves the Entire Navarro Community

University of Wisconsin University Book Store Expands Student Service with Tech Store

Foreword Online Will Return in January

The Art of Organization & Scheduling of Social Media

Spotlight: MECC Bookstore Improves the Student Experience With Revenue Generating Ideas

Instagram Marketing Basics

Spotlight Carnegie Mellon University Store: Maximize Campus Relevance With Tech Sales

Spotlight Navarro College: Hosting Spectacular Holiday Events

Umpqua Community College Bookstore Develops an Additional College Revenue Source Through Community Partnership

How to Grow Student Engagement with a Gaming Event

MBS Forums 2019: SimpleSource Empowers Campus Stores With Wantlist Control

The College of the Holy Cross Bookstore Streamlines Buyback

MBS Forums 2019: Retail Trends and the Campus Store

University of Arizona BookStores Boost College Revenue Sources With Social Media

How to Reach Generation Z with Your Campus Bookstore Marketing

Successful Budgeting for the Campus Store [White Paper]

Attract Foot Traffic With a Student Tech Gadget Gallery

BYU Idaho Snitch Scavenger Hunt

Create a Finals Oasis in Your Campus Store

3 Changes That Will Make Customers Fall in Love with Your Website

Create Evangelists With a Temp-Friendly Teacher Appreciation Sale

The UCLA Store Increases Foot Traffic with Revenue Generating Ideas

Gaming: The Sport People Forget

Navigating Complex Course Material Trends [White Paper]

Turn Your Campus Bookstore into a NaNoWriMo Workshop

WCU Bookstore Wins Big With Catamount Fans

Arc 101 — Applications, Analysis and Maximum Productivity

How a Strong Adoptions Process Gives a Campus Store the Competitive Edge

3 Paths to Better Wantlist Fulfillment [Infographic]

How the Skyline College Bookstore Saves Time and Gets More Used Books

Squash Confusing Rental Problems with This Checklist

Quick Tips to Improve Your Faculty Textbook Adoption Rates [White Paper]

3 Ways Campus Stores Can Nurture College Student Wellness

URI Campus Store Increases Wholesale Textbook Fill Rate with SimpleSource

Optimize Campus Store Daily Workflow with MBS POS in 5 Easy Steps

How Gen Z Is Making Marketing Easier and Cheaper

The Faculty Event Marketing Template for Campus Stores

Summer Yard Sale Success for the NDSU Bookstore

Get Buy-in: The Dos and Don'ts of Increasing Faculty Engagement

10 Ways to Improve Campus Store Graphics and Increase Foot Traffic

Which Faculty Have the Greatest Impact on Campus Store Business? An Illustrated Guide

5 Easy Ways to Improve the Student Experience in Your Campus Store

3 Benefits of Marketing the Campus Store to Faculty

3 Ways to Strengthen Your Campus Store with a Mobile App

The Top 3 Questions You Must Answer Before Emailing Faculty

SDSU Bookstore Promotes College Affordability at Freshman Orientation

The Duck Store on Faculty Communication: It's "100% About Students"

Spotlight: How GVSU Maximizes Summer Sales

5 Counter Service Best Practices that Improve the Student Experience in the Campus Store

OSU’s University Store Nurtures Lasting Student Relationships With Outstanding Tech Service

Why Is the Demand for Personalized Shopping a Boon for Campus Stores?

Normandale Community College’s Free Pop-up Clothing Closet Strengthens the Campus Community

How College Stores Can Help Gen Z Change the World

Spotlight: MCC Streamlines Rush With Clerk Service

How to Use Social Proof in Your College Store Marketing

CU Book Store Maximizes Its Wantlist Fulfillment

The Digital Text Classroom IV: Spread the Word About Inclusive Access

Spotlight: CWU Wildcat Shop Improves the Student Experience with Counter Service

The Digital Text Classroom, Part III: Three Powerful Talking Points

UW's University Book Store Helps Improve College Affordability

The Digital Text Classroom Part II: How Faculty View Digital Innovation

Spotlight: GVSU Laker Store Has a Social Media Strategy That Works

How Do Course Materials Affect Student Equity?

Spotlight: Madison College Bookstore Decreases Overhead and Improves Customer Experience with Counter Service

Hundreds of Free Ways to Promote Your College Store

Student Engagement Is Vital to Success and Achievement

Spotlight: How Mineral Area College Bookstore Approaches Publisher Consignment Rentals

Ignite Student Success With a Finals Fuel Sale Event

Spotlight: UCSD Farmers Market Engages Students, Staff, Faculty and the General Public

Campus Partnerships Support Student Success

Spotlight: Kennesaw State University Bookstore Simplifies Student Textbook Pickup

Engaging Alumni and Parents Online

Spotlight: University of Minnesota Bookstores’ Increase Community Engagement with Tech Time Courses

Retailers That Empower Student Success

Spotlight: Colorado State University Bookstore Saves Students $4.1 Million With Inclusive Access

4 College Graduation Events for College Stores

Spotlight: KU Bookstore’s Success With Textbook Door Delivery

Student Orientation Can Be Vital to Persistence and Retention

The University of Utah’s Campus Store Supports the Community with Charity Round-up

Three College Fan Gear Trends for Gen Z Students

The Resurgence of Vintage-Inspired Merchandise

Don’t Be Afraid to PIV-OT!

Spotlight Minnesota West Community College Bookstores Change Textbook Distribution

National Tartan Day Scavenger Hunt and Flash Sale

Spotlight: University of Dayton Bookstore’s SimpleSource Success

Focus on the Future: Redefining College Retail

Closing the Gender Gap in Cybersecurity One Student at a Time

Spotlight: Implementing Publisher Consignment Rentals

Spotlight: Textbook Adoption Rate Soars at Chemeketa Community College Bookstore

Spotlight Dr. Pam Rowland: College Store Cybersecurity Begins With You

Spotlight: St. Cloud Technical Community College Store’s Incredible New Look

The Pros and Cons of Sourcing from the Textbook Marketplace

How to Create Shoppable Ads on Instagram

Why Is Mobile Technology Key to Reaching Fans?

How Can College Stores Meet Gen Z’s Retail Expectations?

The Rise of Collegiate Esports

How to Sell More Textbooks: Part 2

Spotlight Interview: A Whole New Way to Bin and Hold

Host a DIY Game Day Shirt Extravaganza

The Digital Text Classroom: Part 1

The Do’s and Don’ts of Making Your Voice Heard on Campus

How to Sell More Textbooks: Part 1

OER Use Doubled in 2018

Make Rush Convenient for Students

How the Belmont Store Put the Student Experience First

Happy Holidays from MBS

How Can Collegiate Retailers Attract Last-Minute Shoppers?

Empower Student Employees with Meaningful Workplace Experience

Energize Customers With a Brain Food Sale During Finals

Crunch Time: 5 Strategies for Managing College Stores During Finals

3 Easy Ways to Drive Foot Traffic

Spotlight: How Riverland Community College Bookstores Build Student Engagement Through Events

Happy Thanksgiving

Spotlight Lilli Brooks: MBS Sourcing and You

Print Versus Digital: What Does the Latest Research Tell Us?

How to Win Gen Z’s Loyalty for Your Store

See How a Cyber Monday Sale Can Boost Holiday Revenue

How Can You Create Faculty Evangelists?

Why Are Today’s Students So Anxious?

3 Ways College Bookstores Support Student Achievement

4 Things Students and Faculty Need to Know About Your Store

Nontraditional Students Are the New Normal

Print Vs. Digital Course Materials

Communicating With Faculty About Early Adoptions

5 Best Practices for Connecting with Gen Z on Social Media

Adopt What? 3 Secrets You Need to Know About Faculty

How Can Campus Stores Calm This Uneasy Generation?

Students Are Sick With Anxiety: How Can College Stores Help?

Social Media Looks to Capitalize on Businesses’ Increased Digital Marketing Budgets

How Can Honesty Make Your Marketing More Powerful?

Publishing Executives Weigh in on Enhancing Student Affordability

3 Ways You Need to Reach Faculty About Adoptions

9 Ways to Keep the Back-to-School Rush Going

Snapchat: 10 Seconds to Create a Lasting Impression

Spotlight VP Human Resources Jerome Rader: Hiring for Rush

Beacons in Retail: What You Need to Know

How to Avoid the Retail Race to the Bottom

Just Say Please

The Return on Rental

Blink, Laugh, Share, Forget

Arc Transforms Drudgery Into Discovery

Win Student Trust From the Start

The Pitfalls of Big Data

Take the YouTube Plunge

Alphabetically Challenged: Another Reason Students Fail to Buy Textbooks

Spotlight Esther Rosner: Navigating the Changes in the Book Industry

Business Intelligence for a College Store

An Instagram Plan: Engaging Your Audience

An Instagram Plan: Creating Content More People Want

App-y Hour: Arm Your Students with a Custom Mobile Toolbox

Innovate Customer Experience Without Breaking the Budget

How to Optimize Your Social Media Reach

Linked Together

Augmented Reality in Retail

Include Food

Going Live Part Two

Going Live Part One

Is It Time for a New POS System?

Pinterest: Turn a Pin Into a Marketing Win

Rushing Toward Rush

Apple®’s Audacious Retail Moves

Retail Transformation

Spotlight: Victor Hoffman Talks MBS Arc

Happy 4th of July

Reclaim Hours and Energy With Arc

New Student Midnight Markdown

What’s the Deal With Live Streaming?

What Is Customer Service?

The Social Media Balancing Act

Three Ways to Connect With Students

Career Matters

The Potential of Podcasts

Barnes & Noble Education and Pearson Expand Relationship, Driving Access and Affordability at Campuses Nationwide

Reach Nontraditional Students in a Nontraditional Way

How to Capitalize on the Back-to-School Boon

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words: Social Media and the Smartphone Camera

5 Reasons You Should Sell Local in Your Store

Making the Leap with the MBS Systems POS on a Mobile Microsoft® Surface Pro

A Window of Opportunity

3 Attention-grabbing Social Media Ideas for College Stores

Spotlight: David Ritz — How Bookstores Stay Viable

Think, Plan, Do: 2018 Marketing Plan

Can Smartphones Replace Laptops?

5 Tips for Marketing to Your Chinese Students

Under the Influence: Social Media Takeovers

Snap to It: Three Snapchat Marketing Ideas

Find Out Everything You Need to Know About Digital Course Materials

A Look at How Students Buy Course Materials

Twitter Is Dead?

The Places to Be

How to Turn Around a Customer Service Nightmare

Dos and Don’ts of Facebook Marketing for Businesses

The Unexpected Longevity of Print

Spotlight: Patrick Cervenik It’s All Retail

Spark Community Imagination with Story Hour

What Do Customers Love About DVU Bookstore?

A Quick Guide to Last-Minute Buyback Promotions

Adapting to Digital

4 Proven Ways to Make Buyback Merry

5 Ways to Create Better Meeting Agendas That Will Make the Most of Your Time

Managing Unmanageable Employees

Textbook Wisdom: What Do You Lose Without the Required Texts?

A Guide to Using Memes, GIFs and Emojis on Social Media

Why You Should Respond to Customer Complaints

Textbook Wisdom: What Can You Learn from a Textbook Manager?

Virtually Confused: How to Talk Digital With Faculty

Six Strategies to Bring Students to Your Buyback This Term

Join the Fight Against Campus Hunger

OER by the Numbers

The Last-Minute Buyback Plan

Celebrate with a Cinco de Mayo Sale and Raffle

How Can inSite Help Make Your Buyback Amazing?

Don’t Miss MBS Systems Training Spring Forum April 17-19th

What You Need to Know to Reach Generation Z Students

Make a Plan to Increase College Store Traffic

Expert Advice to Increase the Reach of Your Email This Year

5 Things an MBS Microsoft™ Surface Pro POS Will Do for You

Spotlight Max Garrett: The Vital Role of Course Materials in Education

Textbook Wisdom: Do Your Students Know the Value of Books?

Customer Service Drives Results

How to Make College Stores Successful Retail Destinations

What Are the Risks and Advantages of Price Matching?

How to Get the Most Out of Your College Store's Social Media

Spotlight Abraham Dyer: Ways to Differentiate Your Store

Slash Prices Next Friday the 13th

3 Keys to Employee Excellence

10 Things You Need to Know About Nontraditional Students

The 3 Big Secrets to Early Adoption Success

Loyalty Matters: How to Maximize Your Rewards Program

How Can Your College Store Provide Better Customer Service?

How to Build an Effective Survey in 5 Easy Steps

Textbook Wisdom: How Can the Official School Bookstore Help You (and Students)?

How to Refocus Your College Store’s Social Media Presence

Why We Still Need Print in a Digital World

Building a Communication Strategy

4 Ways to Market Your Brand to Students

Why Now? The Adoption Answers You Need for Faculty

4 Practical Ways to Break Through to Generation Z

Textbook Wisdom: Why Should You Know About Alternative Content?

Increase Traffic With a St. Patrick’s Day Scavenger Hunt

Cleaning the Pasture

Spotlight Lori Van Gerpen: You Need at Least One Foot on the Train

Here Comes Disruption: Who Doesn't Want to Shop Amazon Go?

How Will Retail Change in 2018? Get the Year’s Predictions Here

3 Lessons Stores Can Learn From Amazon

Textbook Wisdom: Want to Help At-Risk Students? Get Your Book Orders in Early

Winning Faculty Allies in the Struggle for Affordable Course Material Solutions

Why Your Facebook Reach Is Down

Are Your Committee Meetings Effective or Prohibitive?

How Do You Hire the Best for Rush?

You Can Ensure Students Have Books Day One

The Life of a College Store Retailer

5 Ways You Need to Ensure Your Committees Are Vibrant and Productive

Spotlight: How the Volshop Shows Students It Is More Than Retail

Best Adoption Communication Articles 2017

Who Needs It? Explain Why the Book You Selected Matters

The 2017 Best of College Store Scavenger Hunts

Best of 2017: Monthly Marketing Plans

Get Ready for a Fun February Feud!

Foreword Online Will Return January 3rd

The Amazon Effect on Your Store

A Guide to Geofencing for College Stores

Share Your Thoughts: How Do You Show Customers You Care?

Location, Location, Location: University of Mary Bookstore Makes the Most Out of Its New Locale

Protect Yourself: Small Businesses are Prime Targets for POS Cyberattacks

The Pros and Cons of OER

Superb Student Service is the No. 1 Priority at Bloomsburg University Bookstore

The Resolution Reckoning: Combining Trends to Increase 'Foot' Traffic

Last Minute Holiday Promotion Ideas You Need

Three Reasons Customers Don’t Voice Their Complaints

Happy Thanksgiving!

Are Your Goals Limiting Your Growth?

Easy and Timely Social Media Polls Produce Helpful Results

Taking Advantage of the Holiday Retail Boon

How to Make Your Mission Statement Matter

Spotlight: Jim Luecke How Student Savings Impacts Student Success

Jolabokaflod: Give the Gift of Books and Win Student Traffic

Think Positive

North Dakota State University Bookstore Saves Students $500,000

Catastrophe: What Happens When the POS Goes Down?

What Accounts for Towson's Soaring Success?

5 Ways You Need to Spotlight Students’ Bottom Line

Embrace Adventure: Register Now for Session 2 of MBS Systems Free Training Fall Forums

This Holiday Season, Host a Frugal Feast

Last Chance — Sign Up for MBS Systems Training Fall Forums Now

Meet Industry Trailblazers at MBS Systems Free Training Fall Forums

Spotlight: David Ritz — Winning Student Trust

Spotlight: Starla Marshall Says Students Want It All

In Store Pick-up Scores Big With Oklahoma State University Students

Go Pack!

Spotlight: Kelly Jones It All Comes Back to Service

Happy Labor Day!

A Festival of Silly Tricks and Sensational Treats

Spotlight: Wayne Jones Customers Leave More Confident

Relationships Matter

The MBS Way

UVU Bookstore Evolves With the Latest Technologies

Catching a Good One

Panola College Store Boosts Sales With a Personalized Touch

Join the Adventure: MBS Systems Free Training Fall Forums

Colleges in Crisis

Turning the Spotlight on You

Don’t Miss All That Foreword Online Has to Offer

Why Not Laundry? Bookstores Can Cater to a Need of All Students

Menlo College Campus Store Completes Long-awaited Renovation, Thanks to Marketing Students

Marketing in a Snap

Barnes & Noble Education, Major Educational Content Providers Commit to Fight Counterfeit Textbooks

Lane Community College’s Titan Store Scores Big With Convenient Food

UNM Bookstore Ditches Traditional Margins, Adds Price Comparison and Sees Big Boost in Unit Sales

UCM University Store Wins New Student Hearts With Orientation

The MBS Microsoft™ Surface Pro POS Brings UCM Opportunity

The CCRI Bookstores Go Beyond Selling Textbooks

Social Media Spectacular Part Three

MBS Expert: Benefits of Scale

Happy Fourth of July!

Social Media Spectacular Part Two

UC Davis Stores’ Late Night Shopping Event Turns Into an On-Campus Party

Social Media Spectacular Part One

4 Tips to Simplify Your Inventory

Cost Savings Through Scale

The University Bookstore's Dead Book Society Gown

The Aztec Empire

May the 4th Be With KSU Bookstore

Think, Plan, Do with a Year's-Worth of Marketing Plans

Happy Memorial Day

MBS Systems Expert Q&A: Security Part 2

MBS Systems Expert Q&A: Security Part 1

UNM Bookstore Goes Global with a New Passport Center

Amazon Cybercriminals Endanger Students

UMBC Bookstore; 51 Years of Event Innovation

Welcome to Clips

WKU Store Taps University President for Voicemail Promotion

Signs of the Times

Mystery May: Fall in Love with a Great Book

MBS Systems Training Spring Forums Hosts 19 Schools for In-depth Learning Session

Should Cybersecurity Be Shared With Your Customers?

Lycoming College Partnership Better Serves a Diverse Student Body

The Top Five College Store Complaints and How to Fix Them

The Ichabod Shop “Memes” Business; Get Adoptions In

A Solution to Social Media Content

Buyback Is Where Student Savings and Success Start

Iowa State University Bookstore Repeats with College Materials Performance Award

Expand Your Professional Network at MBS Spring Forums

'April Showers Bring May Flowers' Customer Appreciation Sale

Facebook Pixels

Adoptions – Communication Leads to Savings and Student Success

Arc: The New Browser-based Retail Management Suite From MBS

Titan Shops Directly Engaged in Students Success

Avoiding the Social Media Black Hole

Campus Marketplaces: Beating 'em by Joining 'em

MBS Spring Forums Provides Hands-On Learning

Take a Tour of MBS [Video]

Colorado State University Bookstore; 2017 Collegiate Retailer of the Year

Five Ways to Get Out of Your Twitter Rut

Boost Sales With Old Inventory

Centennials Focus on Quality

Pi Makes the World Go Round — Or Is It Pie?

CU Book Store: MVP at ICBA

Join Us For MBS Systems Spring Training Forum

Dave Propst – 39 Years, a Legend and His Legacy

Don’t Give up on Brick-and-Mortar

UC Davis Stores: Students' Saving With Aggie Kickbacks

Bracket Battle in the College Store

Inspire Loyalty With Your Rewards Program

Electronic Shelf Labels; Technology Boosting Sales at USI

Kirkwood Community College: Communicating Success With Expo

Madison College Tackling Textbook Costs Through Teamwork

MBS at PowerSuites; Live at ICBA in Vegas

Spring into Savings

Blogging Benefits for College Stores

What a Bookstore Manager Wanted to Know on Day 1

Making Your Next Event Stress-free

Forget the First Impression, What’s Your Last-ing Impression?

Wartburg College Plays Games at Knight; Building a Community

MBS – 2016; The Year in Review

eCommerce Boosts Sales; 11 Misconceptions Holding You Back

Grow Through Social Media; Save Time, Money & Sanity

2017 Retail Predictions: Digital Gives Market Share Back to Brick and Mortar

Luther College Book Shop Goes Nutty; Doubles Sales

2017 Spring Rush Survival Guide; Are You Ready? - [Infographic]

Why Your Bookstore Should Use Text Messages to Bring in Customers

Your Store Marketing Keeps Crowds Coming

Customer Service Vs. Sales. Your Customers Want to Be Sold!

Make It a Date with Your Store

Foreword Online Will BRB

4 Emerging Marketing Trends You Can Jump Into Now

Happy Holidays from MBS

What Does Your Customer Experience Say about You?

OBU Campus Store Expands Retail Operation by Outsourcing Textbooks

Connect with Your Customers for Continued Contact

Last Minute Holiday Retail Ideas

The Role of Direct Mail in Marketing to Digital Natives

Better Customer Service—use Twitter

Fresno State Kennel Bookstore Shares Secret to $100k Holiday Sale

6 Tips for Surviving Rush

Facebook Ideas Made Easy

Tips From the Field: Communication Between College Stores and Faculty Leads to Success

Greatest Hits of 2016: A Look Back at Foreword Online's Best Posts

Why Proper Training Will Lead to Your Store's Success

North Central University Simplifies Fulfillment, Saves Students Time

Win FREE Textbooks for a Term

Are Textbooks Dead? Not Even Close

What the Increase in Distance Learning Means for Your School, and Your Brick-and-mortar Store

The More Things Change: How College Retail Hasn't Changed, Even When It Has

Demystifying the Latest Thing [Video]

Untether Your Point of Service with the MBS POS on Microsoft Surface Pro

Easy Ways to Increase Engagement: #TBT

New Duck Store Joins the Flock in $95M Facility

3 Tips for a More Successful Buyback

Submit Your Rental Lists Beginning Nov. 21

Thinking Outside the Walls: 3 Tips to Select the Right Mobile POS for Your Store

For College Stores, It's a Marathon

LLCC Bookstore Offers Locker Rental to Students

12 Days of Giving Sale

When the Writing's on the Wall: How to Tell If Your Wholesaler's Working Out for You [Quiz]

Washburn U Bookstore Serves up Special Offers for Students

See How Easy Retail Can Be [eBook]

Prospects Take Tour of MBS Home Office

UD Bookstore Sees the Difference a Wholesaler Can Make

What the MBS Field Force Learned to Help Your Store

Rocktober Is Here, and so Is Our Field Force

College Stores Across America Learn Helpful Hints at Fall Forums

Quick Tools to Step Up Your GIF Game

Sarah Shiflett Named Finalist in Columbia Tribune's Business Women of the Year

What Your Store Needs to Know about the Latest Instructional Tech Survey

inSite's Best Kept Secret: The Power of Price Comparison

3 Ways to Wow Your Savvy Shoppers

7 Reasons to Shop at Your College Book Store [Download]

How to Drive Customer Interaction and Engagement, in Store and Online

SIUE Cougar Store Rebuilds Social, Enjoys 50% Growth

Turn Black Friday into Green Friday to Support Charities

Draw Crowds With Fall-themed Events

Easy Tips to Improve Customer Experience at Your Store

We're #typeformforever, Are You?

How to Connect With Your Local Audience Using Pinterest

Towson University Bookstore Offers Free Textbooks for 2015-16

4 Tips For Talking to Super Busy People

The MBS Systems Dashboard — Making Your Tough Decisions Easy as Pie

How to Make Sure Your Marketing is Effective and Measurable

What Hammocks and Super Soakers Teach Us About the Bookstore Industry

Social Media Expert's Predictions for the Future of Marketing

How the Cookie Crumbles: Sourcing Problems, and How to Avoid Them

Why Adapt? Just Ask the Dinosaurs [eBook]

3 Simple Ways to Supercharge Your Social Media Strategy

5 Signs Your Employees Are Overworked

Important Millennial Shopping Trends Your Store Needs to Know

Greetings from the Flagler College Bookstore: How One Store's Email Can Improve Faculty Relations Quickly

Want a More Productive Staff? Don't Bribe Them, Order Delivery

Don't Fear the Foot Traffic

Textbooks, Gummy Bears and Red Bull, Oh My: A Fresh Perspective on Buyback [Guest Blog]

3 Proven Ways to Get More Views on Your Videos

Pennsylvania College of Technology Students Give Store Site Fresher Look, More Function

4 Easy Ways to Show Your Employees You Appreciate Them

Facebook's Ad Changes, and What They Mean for Your Store

Take a Tour of MBS [Video]

5 Social Media Rules You Should Never Break

How Plato Helps Flagler Increase Foot Traffic and Keep Customers Happy

Pinterest's Video Ads Now Available (for Some)

Do's and Dont's for Great Store Displays

Surprising Stats That Prove You Need to be on Instagram [Infographic]

Easy Ways to Market Your Store that Cost Little to Nothing

Fans Win with Mizzou Night at Busch Stadium

After Rush Is Over, Do These Five Things

Why Omnichannel Is Now Do or Die in Today's Market

5 Ways Running a Bookstore is Like Competing in the Rio Olympics

Will Instagram Kill Snapchat?

4 Ways You May Be Losing Customers

What the Future Holds for Social Media Videos [Infographic]

How to Build Snapchat Geofilters for Your Store

New Updates to Snapchat Make Now the Perfect Time to Use It

Promote Your Website Off-line

Putting Customer Knowledge to Work for You

Quick Tips for Writing Catchier Email Subject Lines

3 Ways to Make Your Store More Viable [Guest Blog]

Easy Ways to Humanize Your Social Media Updates

Customer Service Report — Spoiler Alert: It Matters!

Three Features Your POS Needs to Have

Eight Ways to Prep Your eCommerce Store for the New Term

How Managing Your Brand In-store and Online Can Strengthen Sales for Both

Quick Tips for Stronger Faculty Relationships [Download]

How an App Can Help Students Find a Better Fit for Their Major

How Pikachu Can Help Your Store Earn More Sales

Images to Help Make Marketing to Students Easier [Download]

How to Use Twitter for Customer Service

Gray's College Bookstore Puts a New Spin on "Cash or Credit?"

How to Tell if You're a Seagull Manager

Deadly Digital Marketing Myths You Might Believe

Arc: Flexibility that Promotes Productivity [Video]

Should We Keep Treating In-store and Online Shopping as Separate Experiences?

Increase Student Interest with Pinterest

Why Delivery Is So Important For Your Store

The Role of Direct Mail in Marketing to Digital Natives

Snapchat Tricks Your Store Needs to Try

Danville CC Tackles Social Media with Three-Person Team

Customer Service Lessons From the Trenches

What Makes Data Governance So Important To Your Store

Are Students Being Priced Out Of a Higher Education? [White Paper]

Could Psychology Be the Key to Optimizing Your Social Media Strategy?

Flyer Spirit Reopens Right Next Door

Easy Ways to Increase Referrals and Word of Mouth

Contact Us

Are You Making This Critical Big-Data Error at Your Store?

The Keys to Being a Customer-Centric Store

Stats That Will Help Your Store Make a Bigger Impact on Instagram

Randolph-Macon Earns Loyalty with Revamped Program

Easy Edits That Will Help You Write More Effective Social Media Posts

One Thing You Need If You Want to Get Better Sell-through Online

3 Window Display Ideas You Can Try at Your Store

Questions to Ask Before Creating Your Next Social Media Account

6 Dream Upgrades for Modern College Stores

3 Reasons Your Brick-and-mortar Store Isn't Going Anywhere

Instagram's Business Tools: What They Mean For Your Store

Sourcing for Success: Experience a Simple, More Efficient Process with MBS’ New Sourcing Service

Social Scavenger Hunt

The Top 11 Misconceptions about eCommerce That Could Be Blocking Sales at Your Store

Surefire Ways to Promote Yourself on Social Media

3 Ways to Be a Customer Service Hero

Why Shopping Offline is More Appealing Than Some People Think

A Beginner's Guide to Facebook Live

3 Tips to Avoid Turning Off Customers

How to Boost Your Facebook Engagement Without an Ad Budget

How to Get a Fresh Look for Your Store, Without Breaking the Bank

How to Make Sure Your Social Media Accounts Stay Secure

Millennials Might Like Email More Than You Think

The State of eCommerce in 2016 [Infographic]

Drive Traffic to Your Store and Incentivize Students to Put Their Phones Down with Pocket Points

Improve Your Social Media Presence in Less Than 60 Minutes

3 Simple Ways to Give Millennials Better Customer Service

How to Break Free of Creative Cabin Fever

The Importance of Listening on Social Media

Bookstore Block Party Blowout

What's Responsible for Lost Time at Work [Infographic]

Three Ways to Make Grade-A Social Media Content on a Hamburger Timeframe

Is Digital Officially More Popular Than Print?

If You Don't Get on Snapchat Soon, It'll Be Too Late

De Anza, Foothill College Directors Reminisce About Decades in Books

How Giving Back Can Get More Sales for Your Store

Mobile Stats Your Store Should Know

Turning Customers into Brand Ambassadors for Your Store

Exploring Arc: Watch the Webinar Recap

Foreword Turns 5: And the Winner Is...

Foreword Turns 5: What's Next for Foreword Online

Foreword Turns 5: Our Friends Celebrate

Foreword Turns 5: A Look Back on Half a Decade

Foreword Turns 5: From Marketing to Sales, What Foreword Means to Us

The Birthday Bash Starts Monday!

How Your In-store Planning Can Help You Build Your Digital Experience

Why Gift Registries Work for College Stores

The Dos and Don'ts of Building a Social Media Following

Boost Return Business through Customer Loyalty Month

Foreword Online Marketing Plans

How to Determine What to Promote Online

MBS: The Story So Far [Video]

Simple Ways to Increase Customer Retention Rates

How to Build the Perfect Instagram Page

The 4-Step Creative Process to Move Away from the Obvious and Towards Innovation

Social Media Strategies Your Store Can Learn From Big Businesses

Ashland University Bookstore Looks Forward to Celebrating Another Mother - Daughter Tea

The 10 Stages of Receiving Adoptions, Told Through GIFs

MBS Bids Fond Farewell to Steve Schwarz

Arc Steals the Show at CAMEX

How to Handle Social Media Complaints

6 Tools Your College Store Absolutely Needs to Use [Download]

How Should Retailers React to Facebook Reactions?

What an Optimized Facebook Ad Looks like, and How You Can Make One [Infographic]

Happy Customers, Happy You [Slideshare]

Social Media Advice You'd Be Wise to Ignore

Why Empowering Employees Improves Customer Service

How to Keep Your Store's Voice from Being Drowned out on Social Media

Small Business Trends & How MBS Can Help You Take Advantage of Them

Foolish Flash Promotion

The Book Mark Has Big Hit with Candy Bouquets

3 Reasons to Hire Millennials

Three Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Store and Inventory

Educate Faculty about Adoptions [Marketing Materials]

Snapchat for Business [Infographic]

4 Ways to Combat Showrooming in Your Store

Why Are Loyalty Programs so Important [Infographic]

How Going Paperless with Receipts Can Benefit Your Store and Students

The Top Five Benefits of eCommerce in College Retail

What's Up with Twitter's New Timeline?

7 Customer Service Fails That Could Get You Dumped

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Strengthening the Relationship Between Your Store and Your Faculty

Best Customer Service Practices for Social Media

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How Teaming up with Your Team Can Boost Your Business

Setting Your Store Apart [Guest Blog]

University of St. Thomas Breaks Boundaries with Mobile POS

The MBS Digital Foreword

Engaging Students with 'Snappy Hour'

Good Customer Service Is Your Best Investment [Infographic]

When Responding to Customers, Do You Draw Fast Enough?

The MMP MVPs of 2015

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7 Simple Changes That Could Rock Your Store

83% of Retailers Ignore Customer Comments on Social Media — Here's Why You Shouldn't

2015 in Review: Our Top 10 Store Stories

How to Sell More This Holiday Season

What Will Consumers Look for in 2016?

Three Ways to Make Your Store Run Smoothly Next Year

Negative Feedback? No Problem!

What’s Your New Year’s Anti-Resolution?

The Phoenix Bookstore Schmoozes with Students

14 Bookstore Moments During the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

4 Creative Holiday Promotions, Adapted for College Stores

Why You Must Deliver an Experience When Marketing to Millennials

How Twitter Makes It Easy to Pick Your Students' Brains

Is Your Store's Website Ready for Black Friday?

The University of Central Missouri Unveils Their New Bookstore [Video]

8 Easy (Free) Tools to Make Your Social Postings Shine

What Netflix and Hulu Have Taught Us about Omnichannel

The Power of Personalization

Tools That Will Help You Save Time on Social Media Management

Neumann University Captures Excitement, Interest from Pope’s Visit

Become a Stronger Manager in 3 Easy Steps

Am I Ready For Digital? (Is My Campus?)

What We Have in Common with the Kansas City Royals

SDSU Open Late for Halo Launch Party

'Up' Sales Using [Down,] Periscope!

Three Ways to Improve Your Training to Boost Today's Student Workers

EMV: the Tip of the Credit Card Security Iceberg

Why Do Our Brains Love Infographics So Much?

What We Learned at the Sales Meeting, and What It Means for Your Store [Guest Blog]

Does Experience or Attitude Matter Most?

What This Customer Service Survey Is Telling Your Store

Join Us in Recognition of Our Longtime Employees

The Best College Instagram Accounts

The Rocker Shop Celebrates National Student Day

What Makes a Great Boss?

The Real Cost Behind Loss Prevention

The Balancing Act of Seasonality

What Are the Most Popular Types of Photos on Instagram?

What Do Our Reps Have in Common with Thoroughbreds?

Facebook Accounts That Will Make You Smarter

Three Easy Ways to Make Sure Your Message Reaches Millennials

How Technology Helps You Organize Your Store

Don't Be That Person: Ways to Avoid Bad Twitter Behavior

Pick-a-pumpkin with the LSC Bookstore

Embrace Ecommerce, Because Brick-and-mortar Isn't Going Anywhere

(Pumpkin) Spice Up your Store this Autumn with a Fall Fest

Students Rally to Keep the “UNC” in UNC Student Stores

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Facebook Page

The Wisconsin Red Shirt Allows Alumni to Give Back

5 Ways to Keep Your Employees Happy

How to Turn Your Salespeople into Brand Ambassadors

How to Learn What Will Sell — Straight from Your Customers!

How Periscope & Meerkat Can Help You Connect with Customers

VCSU Reaches Broader Audience with Crazy Day Sale

Inspired at Inbound, part 3 [Series]

Inspired at Inbound, part 2 [Series]

Inspired at Inbound, part 1 [Series]

Thinking About Getting an App for Your Store?

NDSU Opens the Doors for an After Hours Bash

Balancing Customer and Employee Happiness

The Art of Table Presentation

Why Students and Faculty are Behind Digital Learning, and How You Can Help

How Are Stores Improving Loss Prevention?

Take a Break from Rush with Our Super Short Survey

Trends in Textbook Rental [Infographic]

Every Industry Has Disruptors [Video]

Rock the Vote with Campus Debates & Forums

OK State Shows Students the True Price of Buying Books

The Worst Questions to Ask Your Customers

Why Stores Without Music Have Fewer Sales and Less Productive Staff

Is the Dawn of Digital Finally Here?

Why Are 3 Billion People About to Join Social Media?

U of Toronto Press Reaches Nearly 100 Percent of Market Share

Do You Know Where Your Customers Are?

How a Good Website can Boost In-Store Visits

The Importance of Listening to Your Customers

Secret Social Media Hacks

The Flagler College Bookstore Plays Dr. Frankenstein

It's Time to Shelve "How Are You Today?"

Brand-Building in 7 Essential Steps

How to Manage Stocking and Returns so You Aren't Left Footing the Bill

Your Social Media Campaign Checklist

Riverland CC Bookstores Offer 3 Chances to Win the Window

Upgrade Your Displays with These 4 Tips

3 Great Facebook Giveaway Plans

The Weirdest Words Technology Has Added to the Dictionary

WCU Bookstore Creates Buzz with Booklet

Laugh Off Bookstore Misconceptions by Reading Mean Tweets

Give Your Customers More than They Expect

Rush Survival [Infographic]

Why Mobile Apps Are Taking off and You Need to Have One

How Periscope Can Work for Small Business

Mobile Shopping Is on the Rise

The Top Four Social Marketing Changes to Look For This Year

5 Reasons to Shop at the Bookstore

30 Effective Social Media Tactics [Infographic]

3 Ways to Combat the Back-to-School Slump

Talking to Your Angriest Customer

From Digital Promotions to In-Store Traffic: What You Need to Know

Changes to Facebook's News Feed Lets Users Prioritize Who They Follow

Smart Ways to Use Snapchat for Business

University Book Store Welcomes Nick Offerman, Sans ‘Stache

Fringe Marketing Ideas and What You Can Learn From Them

Why Your Store Should Embrace Digital Marketing or Miss Out on Sales

11 Summer Store Events That Are All Too Familiar

The Ideal Business Strategy on Instagram

Washington & Lee Focus on Faculty

How Booksellers Can Sell on Social and the Tools They Need to Do It

Spread the Word on Student Savings

Common Social Media Myths

University of Utah Saves Big with Big Data

What Magic Words Do Your Customers Want to Hear?

Booklog Users Gain Access to More Used Titles with MBS Partnership

When Balancing Budgets, Keep the Customer First

How the World Uses Twitter

When Brands Fire Back on Social Media

Second U. Store Will Open in $42 Million Complex

3 Ways to Beat a Summertime Slump

Why Nostalgia Can Help You Market to Millennials

MBS Salutes Our Newest Citizens

What Makes Brands Successful on Instagram [Infographic]

What Not To Do On Facebook

For Customer Retention Tips, Just Ask Taylor Swift

4 Ways to Make Your Next Survey Count

Why Everything You Know about Millennials Is Wrong

Why Aren't You Getting More Twitter Followers?

Penn College of Tech’s Director Celebrates 25 Years in Bookstore Biz

Customers Pick Brick-and-Mortar Stores More Often

How an Online Presence Saved a Business and Can Boost Yours

Great Social Media Collaboration Tools

Future Fan in Training

Wheaton College Bookstores Jump in the Ring for Buyback

Set Your Store Apart with These Customer Service Tips

Get Free Tips You Don't Know about Writing Email Subjects Before It's Too Late

How to Make Your Next Buyback Even Better

Three Questions to Ask Yourself When Hosting a Promotion

How You Can Provide a Stellar Customer Experience

Walt Disney Kept Employees Motivated, and It Got Results

Merchandising Tips Designed to Attract

Which "Fringe" Social Networks Should You Be On?

Welcome New Students

UNC Doubles Their Buyback

Why Your Store Should Use Pinterest to Boost Revenue [Infographic]

How to Spend a $100 Social Media Budget

The UD Bookstore Turns Buyback into a Main Event

10 Tips for Earning Customer Loyalty

Three Big Marketing Lessons from the New Star Wars Trailer [VIDEO]

Three Tips to Hire Better Staff

Social Media Strategies from Successful Brands

Flagler Drives Social Traffic With Weekly Giveaways

Have Fun this Summer with an Awkward Photo Contest

Buyback Survival Guide

Tips to Help Prevent Shoplifting

How Often Should Your Store Post to Facebook?

Cal Poly University Store Has a Learning Experience

Are Your Employees Advocates for Your Store?

How to Help Your Staff Celebrate National Volunteer Month Without Breaking the Bank

Even More Great Retail Ideas You Need to Adapt for Your Store

Twitter's Evolution in 2015

Student Workers Are the Heart of UC Davis Stores

April is Customer Loyalty Month

Instagram: The Key to More Market Share?

Your Guide to #Hashtagging [Infographic]

How to Integrate Social Media on Your Website

Wichita State Scores a Slam Dunk with Alumni Pep Rally

Quick (and Cheap!) Merchandising Tweaks

Three Reasons You're Fishing Without a Hook Without Better Branding

Show 'em Why to Buy at the Bookstore

How Social Media Can Improve Customer Relations

Wisconsin's University Book Store is Along for the Ride...Again

Schedule Some Spring Cleaning

Why Loyalty is More of a Must-Have Than Ever Before

The Greatest Deals on Earth

What Defines a Successful Facebook Post?

In UMBC Bookstore Twitter Contests, Everyone Wins

1,000 Posts!

Why Email Isn't Going Anywhere and You Need to Use It

How to Add a CTA Button to Your Facebook Page

Start Your Own Instagram Hashtag

MSU Billings Improves Opening Buyback Sales by 50%

5 Quick Ways to Be Greener

3 Social Media Hearing Aids You Can't Listen Without

Let Your Customers Know You Love Them

What is Meerkat?

University Store Educates Their Customers with Apple Workshops

Common Customer Types and How to Spot Them

Which Type of Retail Leader Are You?

Get Your Best Ideas Without Taking a Shower [Infographic]

Fun Holidays to Celebrate on Social Media

Old Post Bookstore Offers Prizes for Spring Break Pics

Easy Ways For Your Store to Use Pinterest

CMU unveils new CommonWord bookstore

Social Media Posting Benchmarks

How to Generate Leads on Social Media

Hillsdale College Store Lands Half of Enrollment with Reservations

Grand Slam of a Sale

Don’t Let Bad Weather (or Worse!) Get You down

Why You Need to Empower Your Customers in the Mobile Age

An Effortless Way to Have the Most Popular Adoptions — For Free

Goal-Setting for Social Media

MBS Selects VitalSource as Digital Fulfillment Vendor For Education Content

Welcome to CAMEX!

Boys Vs Girls: Shopping Stereotypes


5 Reasons Why Rental Is Crucial in 2015

How to Write a Great Social Media Headline

Your Guide to Adopting Course Materials

How Happy Employees Lead to Happy Customers

How to Run a Social Media Campaign from Beginning to End

From Warehouse to Store, MBS Makes It Fast and Easy

How Does Pinterest Compare to Other Social Networks?

The WSU Bookstore Shows Their Students Some Love

5 Instagram Marketing Tips

If You Want to Lose Customers, Do These Five Things

Katy Perry, She's in My Class

Towson University Store Offers Students Peace of Mind with Price Matching

Clear Out the Clutter

Make Your Event Unforgettable

Why Your Store Should Focus on Instagram This Year

Three Ideas Worth Stealing For Your Bookstore

How Listening on Social Media Gets You Leads

Iowa State Celebrates Magic Mondays

Why Pinterest is Perfect for Small Businesses

Do You Know about These Secret Facebook Functions You Should Be Using?

Questions to Ask Before You Post on Social Media

UVU Bookstore Surprises Student with Free Textbooks

A Psychological Approach to Pricing

4 Must-Know Social CS Rules

Some Tips for New Administrators

Social Media from a Teenager's Point of View

LLCC Students Raise Nearly $800 in Buyback Donations

Productivity Tips for a Great 2015

Six Questions You Need to Ask on Your Next Student Survey

Too Much of a Good Thing: How Much Time Have You Wasted on Social Media?

Some Social Media Tips for 2015

Galentine's Day Celebration

See You Next Year!

What Customers Consider Good Service Might Surprise You

Must-Learn Loyalty Lessons You May Have Missed

Do Images Increase Facebook Engagement?

Riverland CC Gets in the Holiday Spirit with 12 Days of Holiday Deals

Holiday Marketing Tips from Social Media Pros

How to Get an Early Start on 2015

What's New on Social Media Sites

The Evolution of Social Media Since 2004 [Infographic]

MUN Bookstore’s Raffle Helps Students Help Each Other

Boost Sales in Early 2015

Must-know Marketing from the Oldest Pros in Business

'Rush Right In' New Year's Resolution Challenge

Missouri State Saves Students Time and Money with Textbook Reservation

Happy Thanksgiving!

How Students Can Use a GoPro to Document Their Time in School

Psychological Studies Every Social Media Marketer Should Know About

Social Media Trends to Watch in 2015

A Head of Lettuce and a College Kiosk

Pay It Foreword: Promotion Rules

What Did You Think of Bookstores without Barriers?

Five Ways to Avoid Uninspiring Your Staff

How to Make Blogging Easier on Yourself

ISU Cross-Promotes like Crazy on inSite

Lighten up!

What's the Real Reason So Many People Use Social Media?

What NOT to Do on Social Media [Infographic]

MBS Salutes Our Troops

Minnesota Duluth Goes Bag Free

3 Offbeat Marketing Tactics to Try

Five Ways to Use Social Media and Get Results

UAA Bookstores Get into the Spirit

Sellback Selfies

Happy Halloween from MBS!

Go Where the Students Are

How a Midwest Grocer is Doing Social CS Right

A Social Network That Pays You?

Pizza Party Nets GVSU Record Early Adoptions

Watch Our Faculty Relations Webinar

What Makes a Great Salesperson

What is Yik Yak?

The Essential Elements of a Successful Social Media Plan [Infographic]

North Dakota State Lets Their Customers Scratch and Win

National Student Day 2014

Gameday Mimosas and Boiled Peanuts [Guest Blog]

Customer Service WOW Moments

Create a Great Social Media Strategy

Stevenson U. Stores Play Pink-a-Boo

Scaring Up More Business in October

Tomorrow is National Student Day!

What Will Social Media Look Like in 25 Years?

UD Bookstore Parties Like it’s ’97

A Little Bit Extra Goes a Long Way

What's Ello all About?

Hack Into Savings

Create a Buzz for Your Events by Using Social Media

Titan Shops Reveals Their Secret (Sales)

How to Run Your Own Social Campaign

Is Customer Service at Your Store Memorable?

Window Display Tips to Get Customers Inside

How to Use Social Media in Your Marketing Plans

Elizabethtown College Store Flashes Back to the ‘90s

Tips to Attract Repeat Customers

What type of retail associates does your store have?

Commandments for Social Media Failure

Is the Era of Free Social Media Marketing Ending?

Murray State Rewards Students with VIP Party

Pinning Leads to Winning (Sales)

Instagram: Reaching Students One Filter at a Time

MBS Welcomes Jerry Lynch

When Should You Be Posting on Social Media?

University of Arizona BookStores Bear Down

6 Tips for Getting Your To-Do List Done

How to Get Started on Social Media for Absolute Beginners

Using Social Media to Boost Your Marketing

Celebrate Booktober

Happy Labor Day from MBS!

Communicating with Your Students via Twitter

Only 118 Days till Christmas!

MBS Helps Strike out ALS

Where to Begin with Social Media

University Co-op Sees "Hook 'em Horns" go Global

Flash Back, Boost Sales

Customer Service: Simple, Yet Refined

Touchdowns and Textbooks: Behind the Scenes with the MBS President

Enhance Your Marketing Campaign

West Chester, Belmont Boost Book Sales with Dorm Delivery

Social Media: Lessons From the ALS "Ice Bucket Challenge"

Quick and Easy Tips to Measure Social Media ROI

Taking Care of Business

College Corner Coffee & Books Throws Pies, Targets Cancer

Tips to Get More Customers

Smarter Social Media Marketing

Eight retail innovations that may be on the horizon

Climbing Higher with MBS Rental

How to Improve Your Digital Marketing

Wingate U. Bookstore Gets Creative

Leveraging Campus Celebrities to Market to Students

Hiring? How to Find New Superstars

The Stats Behind Social Customer Service

One Small Step for Books, One Giant Leap for MBS

Get the Most from Your Content Marketing

Chemeketa Community College Sees Boost in ebook, Rental Sales

Quick Tips for Running Social Media Contests

Customer Experience is Neuroscience, not Rocket Science

Social Media Tips You Cannot Afford to Ignore

URI Bookstore Welcomes Freshmen with Great Prizes

Need to Rethink Your Facebook Strategy?

Keeping Consistent Customer Service

A Video is Worth a Million Words

How to Use Social Media to Market to College Students

Textbook Brokers - Murfreesboro Adds Apparel

Be Proactive With Your Customers

Social Media Tips That Work — and You Probably Aren't Using

Generator System Keeps MBS Warehouse Running, Orders Moving

Marketing Mistakes to Avoid on Social Media

Beaver Bookstore Goes Global, Greener

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