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Why Implement a Price Matching Strategy in 2022

We're Grateful for You!

Online Kit Ideas for the Holiday Season

Pennsylvania College of Technology Bookstore Perfects Faculty Communication

Why Students Should Shop at the College Store This Holiday Season

Tips to Streamline Your Order Fulfillment Processes

MBS’ Fall Forums Offers College Stores a Virtual Systems Training Opportunity

Clever Ideas to Promote Your Loyalty Program

5 Ways to Sell and Promote Merchandise Online

3 Reasons to Budget for Collegiate Retail System Improvements in the Coming Year

College Stores Get More Books Using SimpleSource

Tips for Leveraging Dashboard to Elevate Business Intelligence

MBS will be closed in celebration of Labor Day

College Store Marketing Content Calendar Template

5 Ways Student Employees Can Help With College Store Social Media

Stronger College Store Customer Service With Daily Textbook Buyback

How to Create a College Store Retail Marketing Calendar

How Can College Stores Improve Digital Accessibility for Students?

2021-2022 College Store Social Media Marketing Guide White Paper

3 Best Practices to Maximize Your Bin-and-Hold Fulfillment

Happy Fourth of July

Three Ways to Engage Students During a Virtual Orientation Event

How Is Course Material Distribution Changing?

Preparing for Mobile Sales and Events

Tips for Making Merchandise Stand Out

In Honor of Memorial Day

Utilizing Promotions and Focusing on Your Shoppers

How Does the WCU Bookstore Streamline Order Distribution During Rush and Drive Foot Traffic All Year?

Students Love WCU Bookstore’s Cashless Buyback

Do’s and Don’ts of Web Design

A Complete Collegiate Retail System for the Best Value

A One-stop Shop for Course Material Ordering

Dodge City Community College Bookstore Gets Reliable eCommerce Support

Independent College Bookstore Industry Trends: eCommerce

Three Ways to Streamline Order Fulfillment

Managing Buyback and Rental Returns Student Communication

Campus Store Conversations: How to Keep Your Website Content Fresh and Interesting

Three Tips to Improve Your Alumni and Community Marketing

Century College Bookstore Simplifies eCommerce Website Navigation

Ridgewater College Bookstore Creates a Cohesive Online Presence

Accelerating Change: How to Meet Today's Market Demands

Plan an in-Person Buyback Event This Spring

Tips to Prepare for an MBS System Implementation

South Central College Book Store Simplifies Online Shopping

5 Ways to Update Your College Store Sales Strategy in 2021

Spotlight: How Georgia Southern University Store Keeps Its Website Current and Drives Online Traffic

How to Talk to Deans or Administrators About Faculty Adoptions

Mount Aloysius College Bookstore Shows How Small Changes Can Make a Big Difference in Sales

Campus Store Conversations: Forging Strong Campus Connections

Harford Community College Store Strengthens eCommerce Site

Optimizing SEO on Your College Store Website

LCC Bookstore Affordably Improves Its System's Functionality

Three Customer Service Tips for an eCommerce Rush

Spotlight: Giving Back to Students Through Mask Sales

How to Help Students Understand the Importance of Course Materials Marketing Plan

Strengthen Your Store’s Student Communications in 2021

Happy Holidays From MBS

Campus Store Conversations: How College Stores Improve Faculty Adoption Rates

Service That Makes a Difference for the County College of Morris Bookstore

Keep Your eCommerce Site Interesting With Care Packages

Elizabethtown College Store Serves Students and Parents With Pop-up Locations

How Peninsula College Bookstore Ensures Early Textbook Adoptions

Five Online Campus Bookstore Promotions for the Holidays

Crowder College Bookstore Discusses the Great Opportunities That Come With a Premier Partnership

How MBS inSite Simplifies Purchasing Course Materials

Campus Store Conversations: Stores Get More Savings With SimpleSource

How to Make the Most of Your Buyback Promo Dollars

Get a Guide to the Evolution of College Stores in 2020

MBS Store Technology Solutions Training Event Goes Virtual

Planning for Fall Buyback and Rental Returns

Three Easy Ways to Improve Student Convenience

Peninsula College Bookstore Takes a Creative Approach to Buyback

3 Best Practices for Planning Collegiate Retail Events

How Washington and Lee University Store Utilizes Business Intelligence

Drive More Website Traffic With a Clearance Page

UMBC Bookstore’s Yum Shoppe Offers Students Convenience and a Taste of Home

How Utah State University Campus Store Averages a 94% Faculty Adoption Rate

Streamline Faculty Adoptions With MBS inSite

Spotlight: Salisbury University Bookstore’s Tips for Strong Social Media Engagement

Give Your Campus Store a Retail Edge

The Shocker Store Increases Web Orders and Adds Dorm Delivery

5 Simple Ways to Boost Online Promotions

The Top Updates College Stores Made for Fall

5 Ways to Make It Easier for Customers to Buy From You

How to Make Your Campus Retail Store a Community Star

3 Ways to Add Body Inclusivity to Your College Retail eCommerce Site

Happy Labor Day!

Think Plan Do: 2020 Online Marketing Plan

How Partnership Fuels Evolution for OSU University Store

Campus Store Conversations: Campus Store Return Policies

Hope College Bookstore Expands On-campus Delivery Options

3 College Bookstore Retail Analytics to Pay Attention to This Fall

Lincoln Land Community College Bookstore Triples Web Orders Over the Summer

Best Retail Practices for COVID-19 With Toshiba and MBS

Will Counter Service Become the New Normal?

Southeast Technical College Bookstore Adapts to Improve Service and Convenience

How to Streamline the College Store Order Pickup Process

NWTC Bookstore Prepares to Be 100% Online This Fall

How Can Your Store Get More Books for Fall and Save Money?

Spotlight: Clatsop Community College Bookstore Remains Open to Help Students During Pandemic

How to Minimize Cost and Labor When You Get Late Textbook Adoptions

Spotlight: Delta College Bookstore Streamlines Buyback and Minimizes Contact Points

How College Stores Are Adapting to Changes in Retail

Delta College Bookstore Strengthens Campus Relationships During Pandemic

Increase Online Engagement With a Strong Digital Presence

3 Best Practices for Planning Online Retail Events

5 Ways to Strengthen Your Store’s Online Shopping Experience

Drive-through Rush Boosts Sales at Hagerstown Community College Bookstore

Streamline Mobile Order Fulfillment to Improve Order Processing

Spotlight: UMBC Bookstore Hosts Events That Increase Foot Traffic

3 Savvy Ways College Stores Maximize Cost Savings

University of Utah Campus Store’s Curbside Sale Event Brought in More Than $1 Million

How to Lower Costs and Increase Margins on New Books

How Morehead State University Store Personalizes the Online Shopping Experience

Campus Store Conversations Maximizing Cost Savings Panel Discussion

Campus Store Conversations: UC Davis Stores Talk About College Bookstore Industry Trends

Help Customers Find Merchandise on Your Collegiate Retail Website With inSite Filters

Dixie State University Campus Store Had 81% of Rentals Returned This Term

There Is an Online Sales Opportunity Your Store May Be Missing: Social Media

Curbside Pickup and Delivery Helps the Campus Store at SUNY Potsdam Serve Students

Simplifying Publisher Consignment Rentals

UMBC Bookstore Increases Online Sales With Savvy Marketing

How to Motivate Gen Z Student Workers in Campus Retail

4 Campus Retail Events That Inspire Community

Campus Store Conversations Buyback and Rental Returns Panel Discussion

25 Customer Service Trends That Strengthen College Stores [White Paper]

Spotlight: University of Pittsburgh Stores on Marketing College Store Events

How Can inSite Buyback Alerts Help You Communicate With Students About Your Retail Buyback?

Our Campus Store Partners’ Furry Friends

Spotlight: UC Davis Stores on Why a College Store System Needs a Business Intelligence Tool

The Hawk Bookstore Lowers Costs and Increases Revenue with SimpleSource

The Online Buyback Marketing Kit

How Reworks Help You Get More Books

Set Up an Online Buyback in 3 Easy Steps

Fighting Dragons with Students

Spotlight: Wichita State University Shocker Store on Successful Loyalty Programs in Collegiate Retail

Build Faculty Relations With This Student Affordability Checklist

Spotlight: Vincennes University Bookstores on Collegiate Retail Events

Chaffey College Campus Store Has One Less Thing to Worry About With SimpleSource

The Options Customers Want to See on Your Website

Spotlight: Trends in College Store Customer Service

JCCC Bookstore Elevates Its Campus Profile

How Can Your College Store Management System Improve Customer Experience?

Tips and Tricks to Get the Most Out of Your MBS System

How the Georgia Southern University Store Adapts with Retail and Textbook Changes

Spotlight: Jenna Lee - Are You Taking Full Advantage of Your College Store Retail System?

Thompson Rivers University Bookstore Increased Used Book Sales 40%

Apple® DEP Elevates CMU University Store

How AI is Changing the Textbook Industry

CCRI Discovers the Power of Retail Analytics

The Complete Guide to Alternative Revenue Streams for College Stores [White Paper]

Spotlight: How to Streamline Implementation of a New Retail System

Increasing Your Digital Flexibility

5 Ways Your College Store Can Compete with Retail Giants

A Comprehensive Guide to Twitter for Campus Bookstores

For Towson and NMJC, System Training Is Vital to Campus Store Success

A Comprehensive Guide to Snapchat for Campus Bookstores

4 Ways Campus Stores Maximize Local Vendor Partnerships

BYU Store’s New Store Design Delivers an Immersive Retail Experience

Survey Results: A Snapshot of Campus Store Goals and Challenges

A Comprehensive Guide to Instagram for Campus Bookstores

Spotlight University of Pittsburgh Book Store: GM That Drives Relevance

The UCLA Store’s Web Returns and Social Media Boosts Student Engagement

A Comprehensive Guide to Facebook for Campus Bookstores

An MBS Partnership Serves the Entire Navarro Community

University of Wisconsin University Book Store Expands Student Service with Tech Store

Foreword Online Will Return in January

The Art of Organization & Scheduling of Social Media

Spotlight: MECC Bookstore Improves the Student Experience With Revenue Generating Ideas

Instagram Marketing Basics

Spotlight Carnegie Mellon University Store: Maximize Campus Relevance With Tech Sales

Spotlight Navarro College: Hosting Spectacular Holiday Events

Umpqua Community College Bookstore Develops an Additional College Revenue Source Through Community Partnership

How to Grow Student Engagement with a Gaming Event

MBS Forums 2019: SimpleSource Empowers Campus Stores With Wantlist Control

The College of the Holy Cross Bookstore Streamlines Buyback

MBS Forums 2019: Retail Trends and the Campus Store

University of Arizona BookStores Boost College Revenue Sources With Social Media

How to Reach Generation Z with Your Campus Bookstore Marketing

Successful Budgeting for the Campus Store [White Paper]

Attract Foot Traffic With a Student Tech Gadget Gallery

BYU Idaho Snitch Scavenger Hunt

Create a Finals Oasis in Your Campus Store

3 Changes That Will Make Customers Fall in Love with Your Website

Create Evangelists With a Temp-Friendly Teacher Appreciation Sale

The UCLA Store Increases Foot Traffic with Revenue Generating Ideas

Gaming: The Sport People Forget

Navigating Complex Course Material Trends [White Paper]

Turn Your Campus Bookstore into a NaNoWriMo Workshop

WCU Bookstore Wins Big With Catamount Fans

Arc 101 — Applications, Analysis and Maximum Productivity

How a Strong Adoptions Process Gives a Campus Store the Competitive Edge

3 Paths to Better Wantlist Fulfillment [Infographic]

How the Skyline College Bookstore Saves Time and Gets More Used Books

Squash Confusing Rental Problems with This Checklist

Quick Tips to Improve Your Faculty Textbook Adoption Rates [White Paper]

3 Ways Campus Stores Can Nurture College Student Wellness

URI Campus Store Increases Wholesale Textbook Fill Rate with SimpleSource

Optimize Campus Store Daily Workflow with MBS POS in 5 Easy Steps

How Gen Z Is Making Marketing Easier and Cheaper

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