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Bring Students Back to the Campus Store

Posted by Liz Schulte on 4/5/22 6:00 AM
Topics: textbook rental, course material fulfillment, rental

Students are back on campus; it’s time to bring them back into the store. By providing students with the options and cost-savings they want most, your store can regain market share and forge strong relationships with current students. Offering a strong rental program encourages students to visit the campus store rather than relying on online competition.

Bring-Students-Back-to-the-Campus-Store_FO-Header_Proof-v2_220329“For the Spring 2022 semester, our students rented over 4,000 copies and saved more than $150,000 through our rental program. We are very concerned about saving our students money, and the rental program is one of the easier ones to set up!” Kurt Kaiser, Assistant Director – Course Materials, CSU Bookstore

3 ways rentals help college stores

  1. Save students money
    Students are always looking for low-cost course materials, but in the coming year, it will be even more important due to inflation. If your store isn’t offering low-cost rental options, students will look to your online competitors who have continued to offer a rental solution.


  2. Increase store revenue
    Rentals are a great way to bring more students into the store at the beginning and end of term. Having more foot traffic gives you an avenue to increase sales and build customer relationships. Earn additional revenue every term a book is rented.


  3. Gain market share
    More student foot traffic and lower cost options equals a higher market share for your store. That market share translates into increased profits and anchors your store as an essential part of the campus community.


With MBS Rental, stores have the most competitive rebates in the industry. Get market share back to your store. Submit your rental list to receive guaranteed rebate amounts and add to your list as adoptions come in.

“Having a rental option provides our students with another purchasing option. It allows the student to save up front instead of purchasing at the new book price and selling back the book that we may or may not be purchasing back at the end of the semester. Having various affordable options can help in the success of our students. We want to make sure we are trying everything we can to keep textbook costs down.” Melissa Nieto, Bookstore Manager, Victoria College

When can you submit rental lists?

  • Spring '22 term: submit your list up until the term ends.
  • Summer '22 term: MBS is now accepting rental lists.
  • Fall '22 term: MBS will begin accepting lists on June 3, 2022.

How to submit rental lists?

If your store uses the MBS system, simply send your rental list via your MBS Rental application. Select Work with My Rental Quotes to get started.

If your store does not use the MBS system, email your rental request list to Please include your contact information as well as start and end dates for the term.


Prepare for the future of course materials. Schedule an appointment with your  MBS Field Marketing Territory Manager. Schedule an appointment


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