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Create Consistent Communication About Rental Returns

Posted by Liz Schulte on 12/11/23 6:15 AM
Topics: textbook rental, college bookstore marketing, communicating with students

As you know, over the course of the term, many students have probably forgotten which books they bought and which books they rented from the college store. Sending students consistent and frequent communication about rental returns can help your store get more books back.Create Consistent Communication About Rental Returns

College stores shared three tips to maximize student rental returns during this year’s in-person MBS Forums event.

Be persistent
It is easy to second guess how many rental return messages need to be sent out. In a perfect world, the store would send one message and all students would read that email and return their books. Now, obviously this probably isn’t going to happen. That’s why persistence is key. Plan to send students multiple messages leading up to the due date. The messages should increase in urgency as the rental deadline gets closer. If a student returns their rentals, then they should be removed from receiving the reminders.

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Consider implementing text message
While this might not be possible for this term, it is good to start thinking about how your store can implement text message reminders. The one accessory that students are never without is their phone. Text messaging offers direct communication that also improves the odds that students will at least see the reminder. Develop a plan and start building your text message communication list. It can ensure students see important messages from the bookstore in a timely manner.

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Use all communication tools available to you
A variety of formats and locations for rental return reminders can help you more broadly get the word out. So, in addition to email and text messages, what else is available to your store? Can a reminder be posted in the LMS, on campus monitor screens, on the store and campus social media pages, etc. Additionally, consider using yard signs that students might see while walking around on campus.

Here are five specific examples for how you can use resources commonly available to college stores to improve student communication.

How does your campus effectively communicate about rental returns? Let us know in the comments!


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