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Draw Crowds With Fall-themed Events

Posted by Kate Seat on 9/30/16 7:00 AM
Topics: college store promotions, Marketing to Students

Rush is over, finals and buyback are ahead — October is the sweet spot between two of your busiest times during the term. That makes this the perfect opportunity to plan a fun, fall-themed in-store event. Here's your chance to increase sales for your store with inspiration from some of our favorite Foreword Online features. 

Fall Fest

Early to mid-Fall is the biggest craft fair season of the year, as artists and artisans from around the world head for local festivals to showcase their wares. There are bound to be plenty of creative students on your campus, so why not give them an outlet to showcase their skills with a Fall Festival? Encourage creativity (and possibly unload some unusable course materials in the process) with a mascot craft contest, pumpkin-carving contests and more!

Fall Fest Marketing plan



After a few months of being back at school, it’s time to give your students a break and have some fun! In honor of Booktober, we’ve brainstormed some activities inspired by their favorite fictional characters. From a literary costume competiton to a fictitious feast, these events are guaranteed to get students engaged and into your store, as well as prompt some serious social media interaction. And with the recent trend where absolutely every book ever is turned into a film, even the less-than-literary can still get into the spirit.

Booktober Marketing Plan


Geek Week

The latest craze in pop culture seems to be the supernatural; science fiction and fantasy have intertwined and quickly become a mainstream genre. With an array of popular television shows, movies and even video games all featuring frightful creatures and superhuman heroes, this trend is well-known to students and a great way to bring some humor to your store! Connect with your customers on a lighthearted level by hosting a Geek Week, dedicated to those who love the abnormal.

Geek Week Marketing Plan


Don't Fear the Foot Traffic

If you ask us, Halloween is the holiday that has it all: You get to dress up in a fun costume, go to parties, stay out late and — the best part — it’s socially acceptable to gorge yourself senseless on candy and treats. Sounds perfect!

Many college students agree, so that makes this holiday an ideal opportunity to attract new customers to your store and encourage existing ones to come back in with a series of killer events.

Don't Fear the Foot Traffic Marketing Plan


Paint It Pink

Approximately 1 in 8 women will battle breast cancer during their lifetimes. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and through “pink” efforts, much attention is garnered for the awareness, prevention and cure of this deadly disease.

Help contribute to these efforts by hosting a Paint it Pink event! For a small donation, students will create their own signs to be displayed in the bookstore, with a goal of raising both money and awareness for a worthy cause.

Paint It Pink Marketing Plan


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