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Helping MBS Store Technology Solutions Partners Succeed

Posted by Liz Schulte on 1/10/22 6:00 AM
Topics: college retail system, campus store customer service, college bookstore system

Learning how to most efficiently and effectively use your collegiate retail system helps your store achieve its goals. MBS Store Technology Solutions offers college stores outstanding service at every level, including a specialized implementation team and a customer education team. Recently, we sat down with Wayne Jones, MBS Store Technology Solutions Manager of Customer Education, to learn more about how the customer education department supports new and existing college store partners.

Helping MBS Store Technology Solutions Partners Succeed What are some of the ways the customer education department helps college store partners?

The goal of the customer education department is to help our partners succeed. Learning how to fully use MBS technology allows stores to:

  • Streamline the day-to-day operations
  • Utilize features that positively impact, and grow, customer relationships
  • Correctly maintain inventory and financial information for accurate analysis
  • Explore the successes of their store through a wide range of reporting and performance indicators

Our team provides educational opportunities through a wide array of options. Partners looking for individualized training can purchase a training package, containing unlimited webinars (via Zoom). Some packages also include the option to have a systems expert travel to their store for hands-on, in-person instruction.

Throughout the year, additional educational events are hosted. These sessions are free to attend, and include our bi-annual forum event, topical webinars, and new updates and enhancements training. We also provide weekly tidbits consisting of short, educational videos or resources meant to help our partners quickly learn tips and processes that can positively impact their store.

Additionally, our educational resource center includes documentation, videos, and more for self-paced learning and quick walk-throughs.

What advice would you give collegiate retail system partners who have had the system for a long time?

It is never a bad idea to revisit your processes through a training webinar or other event. The college bookstore industry is a rapidly evolving world, and between store changes and new features, it can sometimes become difficult to keep up. Attending educational events and utilizing individualized sessions through training packages ensures new staff and seasoned veterans alike are able to get the most out of the technology. Training sessions will often reveal new ways of looking at store processes, so even the most experienced user will still find value in attending training.

What's coming up in the year ahead?

We have several exciting things planned for 2022. Firstly, we are hard at work on a new educational resource center. The new website will include updated navigation and search options as well as easy-to-find featured articles and resources. Additionally, look to your email for more information about events such as group webinars, Spring Forums, and more over the next few months.

What advice would you give new college store system partner?

It can feel overwhelming changing providers, but MBS keeps things sailing smoothly from implementation, to training, to supporting you through your years as a partner with us. As you come onto the system, we will work with you on the building blocks of your new technology. One thing I would recommend for new partners is to follow along and go into the programs as you learn. If you are learning how to do an adoption — enter your adoptions as you train and afterwards. Additionally, we welcome questions during our individualized training sessions, and if you are ever unsure please, just ask.

What is your favorite aspect of your job?

I always enjoy working with our partners. With stores all over the country, the common theme of community within the industry always impresses me. It is also exciting to see the “a-ha” moment during training when someone discovers a deeper understanding of how the system can work for them. It is great when we can find a way to simplify tasks and save time for our partners by utilizing the technology to its fullest.


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