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Campus Store Conversations: How College Stores Improve Faculty Adoption Rates

Posted by Liz Schulte on 12/23/20 6:30 AM
Topics: faculty adoption rates, faculty engagement with bookstore, college store faculty relations

Faculty adoptions are one of the most important aspects of textbook management. However, it can be a challenge to consistently get faculty adoptions in on time. That’s why college stores have developed strategies and worked with campus influencers to help streamline this vital process.

How College Stores Improve Faculty Adoption RatesWe asked two college stores with outstanding textbook adoptions rates how they ensure timely adoptions each term.

Working with the deans

Peninsula College Bookstore shared how they work with campus deans to help encourage faculty adoptions.

“Our biggest benefit for our last buyback was that we had most of our adoptions in. That let us buy fairly heavy from students. Typically, we source a decent amount of inventory, but because of COVID, I chose not to. I was able to use buyback more like I would for sourcing textbooks. You can’t make educated choices without knowing what faculty will be using. We just can’t make those decisions. So, I worked with the deans to help me get adoptions in on time. We had a really large percentage in for fall before summer even started, which, for us, is huge.

“Getting instructor support is my best advice. Work with the deans and get as much support as you can because they have sway over faculty. If you send the email, it’s just another nagging email from the bookstore. However, when the dean sends it, that is your boss telling you that you need to do something. It makes a huge difference. And for students, it’s important that they have all that information upfront. It’s always important, but right now, it is even more so. Students already have a lot of questions and so many processes have changed. It’s hard to find all the information. Knowing what books they will need for their courses so they can get them ordered just helps streamline the process for them. Essentially, it’s just better for the students,” Peninsula College Director of Enterprise Services Camilla Rico said.

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Serving on a campus committee

Utah State University Campus Store averages a 94% on-time faculty adoption rate by working with a campus committee on HOEA compliance.

“In 2010, a committee was formed for HOEA compliance. The campus store, the scheduling department, the provost and instructional services all had representatives serve on the committee. It was agreed that course materials are an essential part of learning. The committee’s interpretations of HEOA was that if students can’t see their course materials, they cannot register for the course. That means that faculty have to have their adoptions turned in before class registration opens. Otherwise, their course will not be included in registration.

“Two months before registration, we begin the faculty adoption process. Faculty members are given a deadline and sent an automatic email reminder every three days until their adoptions are turned in. Once the adoption deadline passes, a final email is sent to department heads from the Vice President of Scheduling. Courses that do not have adoptions will not be included in registration. The departments definitely want their classes to be offered. So, they work hard to make sure we get what we need. The usual percentage of on-time adoptions is about 94 percent. Class registration usually begins about two or three weeks after the adoption deadline. That gives us a little room in case someone is late,” said Utah State University Campus Store Course Materials Manager Clarissa Peterson.

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