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March Marketing Plan - Announced!

Posted by admin on 2/29/12 10:00 PM
Topics: mbs direct, buyback, MBS Monthly Marketing Plans, Marketing to Students

Between rogue buyers and online retailers, students have options when it comes to selling their books. So, this month, we devised a marketing plan that will help you save market share by offering students an extra incentive to shop with you first!

Similar to a retail reward program, Buyback Bucks are vouchers awarded based on the total value of books a student sells during your buy, and then serve as gift cards for in-store merchandise. Not only can Buyback Bucks help you gain and retain student customers, they’re also easy to implement!

In fact, we've created all the marketing materials you'll need to spread the word about your promotion including a customizable Buyback Buck template, web banner, Facebook profile picture, and a promotional poster. All you have to do is follow our simple instructions; check it out!

MBS Foreword Online - March Marketing Plan - Buyback Bucks


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