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Spread the Word on Student Savings

Posted by Joe Clarkin on 7/1/15 10:37 AM
Topics: textbook affordability, MBS Monthly Marketing Plans

You and your staff know all the ways you try to provide cost-savings in the bookstore. But do your students or the campus? Probably not. Maybe they have some vague idea, but rare is the student that is fully aware of all the ways you help them save and has not bought into the myth that college bookstores are wildly overpriced. So with that in mind, we want you to get out there and educate them; show them what they don’t know!

Spread the word on Student Savings

Communicate your value to the campus community

Download: all marketing materials
Download: all marketing materials
Download All Materials

Put together a personalized campaign where you can compile your most impressive savings-related statistics and get them in front of your students. After all, if they don’t understand the value your store brings them and the campus, they’ll shop somewhere else.

In addition to showing how purchasing from the bookstore directly saves students’ money, you’ll also want to point out how their purchases contribute to the success of the school. Since those purchases go straight into the school’s economy, students buying books from the bookstore can fund other departments and students groups, allowing the school to make other improvements around campus.

By using these free customizable marketing materials, you can get out there and show everyone what you’ve accomplished and what a vital role you play in the success of your institution. Promoting across a variety of platforms will demonstrate your value to as many people as possible, which will in turn help boost the reputation of your store.

Promote across social media

In addition to our pre-written social posts, you may want to consider creating a customized hashtag that will make each piece of your campaign easier for your students to find and follow along with. Get creative with it!

Promote in-store

Feel free to edit the messages in our printed marketing materials as you see fit. We’ve even included a few completely blank templates so you can create your own infographic if you’d like!

Download: custom infographic template
Download: custom infographic template
Download Infographic Template

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