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MBS Is Accepting Fall Rental and Guaranteed Buyback List Submissions

Posted by Liz Schulte on 6/5/23 9:30 AM
Topics: MBS Rental, wholesale textbook ordering, College textbook market

Fall list submissions are open now to get quotes for rentals and/or guaranteed buyback! This gives stores a great opportunity to get guaranteed rebate amounts and ensure your store can maximize the savings you offer to students. Guaranteed quotes are simple to get and provide a lot of value for stores.       MBS Is Accepting Fall Rental and Guaranteed Buyback List Submissions                                 

Why should your store submit a rental list and/or guarantee buyback list to MBS for a quote?

Submitting a list for a quote is fast, simple and it doesn’t require a contract or agreement. Your store can use this tool to:

Get low-cost options for students — With rental and guaranteed buyback, cost-conscious students can save money. Guaranteed buyback informs students how much money they are guaranteed to get back at the end of the term for their book, highlighting the true cost of owning that textbook. Rental provides a low-cost physical course material option for students.

Bring students into the college store — Promote beginning and end-of-term foot traffic in your college store. Offering students great prices on the materials they need for class can help bring them into the bookstore at the start of the term. Highlight the variety of low-cost options and learning styles your store supports. At the end of term, students will head back into the store to return their rental books and/or sell back their guaranteed buyback qualified textbooks.

Lock in guaranteed rebates — Once you submit your rental list or guaranteed buyback list, we send back your guaranteed rebate amounts. Be sure to submit your lists as soon as possible to maximize the number of titles you receive a quote for. As additional titles are adopted, simply update your quote.

How to get an MBS Rental/Guaranteed Buyback quote?

  1. As adoptions come in, create a list of potential rentals and guaranteed buyback titles.
  2. Submit your lists to MBS.
  3. Update your quote(s) with additional titles as you receive adoptions.
  4. MBS will send back your guaranteed rebate amounts for each qualifying title.
  5. Decide which titles to offer in your store’s rental program and set the rental price. Put up shelf tags letting students know which titles qualify for guaranteed buyback.
  6. At the end of term, students can return their rental and/or guaranteed buyback books. There is no contract or agreement so your store can easily keep any of the course materials you choose.

Submit your fall lists as soon as possible to get your rebate amounts. If your store is an MBS Store Technology Solutions partner, send your list via your MBS Rental application. Select Work with My Rental Quotes to get started. If you are not a systems partner, please email your list to


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