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Navigating Complex Course Material Trends [White Paper]

Posted by Liz Schulte on 10/14/19 6:00 AM
Topics: course materials, textbook affordability, college affordability

Course materials are a vital part of education. Without the necessary materials for class, student performance suffers, and students can easily fall behind. This is one of the reasons why college affordability and textbook affordability are such important issues in higher education. The “Navigating Complex Course Material Trends” white paper gives your campus store a complete guide to today’s most effective cost-saving solutions.

Navigating Complex Course Material Trends

>>Download the Navigating Complex Course Material Trends white paper now.

Student success and college affordability

For most students, college affordability is one of their top concerns. Students spend an average of $30,000 per year for higher education. It is no longer possible for most students and families to pay for college without taking out a loan — forecasts predict that the student loan default rate will rise to 40 percent by 2023. Students are worried about the future.

Generation Z students, those born after 1995, and non-traditional students are financially aware and willing to invest in their education, believing it will lead to a better life. However, they also enter college with specific expectations and carry the stress of knowing how much debt they are accumulating.

Because of this financial stress, many students often make hard choices when it comes to purchasing their course materials at the beginning of the term. However, when students choose not to purchase their required course materials, they miss a valuable part of their education. Students who waited just two weeks after classes began to obtain their course materials had substantially lower grades than those who acquired their textbooks within a few days.

Campus stores ensure affordable solutions for course materials are accessible

Colleges and universities nationwide must counteract this growing trend that leaves students unprepared. Increasing course material affordability helps schools bolster student persistence and academic success on their campus.

In this white paper, discover ways to enhance textbook affordability, learn about how inclusive access and OER solutions impact college affordability, and discover how to get more books at a lower average cost. Download the Navigating Complex Course Material Trends white paper now.


Get a complete guide to today’s most effective cost-saving course material  solutions. Download the “Navigating Complex Course Material Trends” white paper. Download Now

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