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MBS Forums 2019: SimpleSource Empowers Campus Stores With Wantlist Control

Posted by Lori Reese on 11/26/19 8:00 AM
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The classroom for the 2019 MBS Forums session on SimpleSource filled quickly. Attendees were eager to learn how users of the MBS retail management software get more used wholesale textbooks with this ordering tool.

MBS Forums 2019: SimpleSource Empowers Campus Stores With Wantlist Control

MBS Customer Education Manager Wayne Jones explained that SimpleSource is best understood as a tool that gives stores more control over their wantlists. That increased control can save users time and money. It also helps them acquire more of the low-cost textbook inventory that gives their store a competitive edge.

>>Check out this illustrated guide to managing your wantlist with SimpleSource

While all the attendees at Forums use the MBS system, Mr. Jones emphasized that anyone can access SimpleSource via MBS Service Center. There is no additional fee or service charge. He also said that customers who use our retail management system, Arc, will find it especially easy to get started. The tool is designed to make transferring information from your bookstore management system to SimpleSource easy.

Stores that use SimpleSource regularly report that they receive more inventory at lower costs than they did without the tool.

“I definitely want to encourage stores that aren’t doing it to try SimpleSource. If a community college store like mine can realize a five percent increase over the previous fall, imagine what a big four-year school that is infinitely larger than us could see,” said Skyline College Bookstore Manager, Kevin Chak. “If you’re not doing it already, how much are you losing? Couple this tool with non-serialized rentals, inclusive access and all that kind of stuff to take back your market share. Bring the customers back into the store.”

>>Read more about Skyline College Bookstore’s experience with SimpleSource.

Three features of SimpleSource that empower stores

Mr. Jones highlighted the three primary features of SimpleSource that give campus store professionals more agency in the ordering process.

  • Bin-and-hold management — SimpleSource allows textbook managers to place orders at different times throughout the term and establish pricing parameters, or discount tiers, for those orders. These can then be adjusted continuously until the cutoff date.
  • Flexibility— With SimpleSource, stores have the flexibility to change their open-to-buy parameters as the order progresses. Easy-to-understand data, charts and graphs empower textbook managers to make informed decisions.
  • More books at a lower average cost — Stores can select traditional wholesale wantlist fulfillment, marketplace fulfillment or utilize both channels. This means that customers can use SimpleSource to access and acquire an enormous quantity and variety of inventory.

Regardless of where the books are sourced, the stores receive a single invoice from MBS. What was once a multi-step process is streamlined. Campus stores have access to a vast inventory of low-cost used wholesale textbooks within an easy-to-use, empowering wantlist tool.


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