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Streamline Mobile Order Fulfillment to Improve Order Processing

Posted by Liz Schulte on 6/24/20 6:30 AM
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A strong mobile order fulfillment tool makes it easy for college stores to pick, fill and distribute orders. Online shopping or order pickup will continue to grow as retail evolves to meet customer demands. Your college store needs to be prepared to offer students and customers a seamless online shopping experience with quick and easy shipping or in-store pickup.

Streamline Mobile Order Fulfillment to Improve Order ProcessingMobile order fulfillment and streamlined order distribution has never been more important. With social distancing and limited occupancy requirements, many stores are looking to curbside pickup, in-store pickup or package shipping to serve students and ensure they can get the materials they need for the upcoming term.  

“We found a lot of people still wanted the store experience. Even though they weren't coming inside the store, they liked that they were able to drive up to the store and talk to someone. It gave them a chance to ask questions like what adapter they needed. We were able to help them outside,” Alex Parra, Associate Director, University of Utah Campus Store said.

Read more about the University of Utah Campus Store’s curbside sale that brought in more than $1 million.

College stores with the MBS system already have a strong, versatile mobile order fulfillment tool that will streamline order processing. With the MBS system, it is simple to:

  1. Create picking batches
  2. Scan and automatically validate each item picked
  3. Streamline and finalize package pickup or order shipments

Go to Service Center to learn more about how mobile order fulfillment works on the MBS system. Check out resources like the new Tidbit Tuesday series on Online Order Pickup (watch the first video here) and a comprehensive guide with the inSite Mobile Order Processing video.


Find out how MBS can help you reduce overhead, save students money and  streamline operations with a tailored retail management system. Learn More


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