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3 Best Practices to Maximize Your Bin-and-Hold Fulfillment

Posted by Liz Schulte on 7/12/21 6:30 AM
Topics: Simple Source, bin-and-hold, wholesale textbook ordering

Submitting a bin-and-hold order is a fantastic way to make sure your store has the quantities of low-cost course materials it needs for the fall term. We have collected three best practices to help you maximize your wantlist fulfillment.

3 Best Practices to Maximize Your Bin-and-Hold FulfillmentWhat is bin and hold?

A bin-and-hold order is left with us for a set amount of time. During that time, more books are added to your bin through reworks or as you update your wantlist with new titles and/or quantities. You will then receive your consolidated order in one shipment, or you can choose to have several orders arrive on designated dates.

“We used to physically keep wholesale orders in their own bin — that’s where the term bin and hold comes from. We added to them as they were reworked until they were ready to be shipped,” Corporate Marketing Representative Lillian Brooks said. “It's not as literal now, but the concept is the same — leave your order with us, and we'll continue to add wholesale inventory as it becomes available.”

Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your bin-and-hold order:

  1. Start your bin early
    MBS has one of the nation’s largest inventories of used books. Start your order now for the best selection. Select bin and hold as your order type and add adopted titles as you receive them. We’ll store your books at MBS until you’re ready for them to be shipped.
  1. Request reworks
    Reworks take advantage of MBS’ fresh inventory, giving your store first pick of new inventory as it arrives. We are constantly getting new shipments of books in the warehouse. So rather than just comparing your wantlist to a single snapshot of our inventory, reworks compare your list daily to our inventory over an extended length of time. This gives you access to books that might not have been available when the list was first submitted, helping to increase the number of books in your shipment.

    If your store is on the MBS system, start your bin and select Reworks. If it is not on the MBS system, start your bin and call order processing to request a rework schedule (800-325-0577).
  1. Use SimpleSource
    With SimpleSource your entire wantlist from wholesale to marketplace sourcing can be managed with one easy-to-use tool. Your bin will be automatically worked against our inventory several times a day.

    With SimpleSource, your store can:
    • Save time
    • Access more inventory at multi-discounted levels
    • Streamline your wantlist process
    • Source from the marketplace
    • Get one shipment with one invoice
    • View real-time wantlist fulfillment updates
    • Control your price thresholds

Ordering textbooks doesn’t have to be difficult. Our straightforward ordering solutions help your store lower costs and save time. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about SimpleSource, speak to your MBS Field Marketing Territory Manager today.


With MBS SimpleSource you get a new way to bin and hold, access to more  inventory and simple marketplace sourcing. Learn More


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