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3 Ways to Add Body Inclusivity to Your College Retail eCommerce Site

Posted by Liz Schulte on 9/9/20 6:30 AM
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Have you ever bought clothing online and it didn’t fit like you expected? There simply isn’t one body type that represents all students. Purchasing clothing online can often feel like rolling the dice because the images and models you most often see do not represent you or your body type. The importance of eCommerce sales has only grown due to recent events. This fall consider adding more body inclusivity to your website to inspire more sales.

3 Ways to Add Body Inclusivity to Your College Retail eCommerce SiteOne of the advantages to brick-and-mortar shopping is you can see the items you are about to purchase and sometimes you can even try them on. This gives customers the confidence that what they bought will probably fit when they get home. Online shopping can feel very different. Without more information about the products you are buying you can’t be sure you are getting something that will work for you.

3 ways to add more body inclusivity to your website

  1. Sizing reviews
    One way that websites can help customers is with reliable sizing information through reviews. Reviews can let future customers know if the sizing on a shirt runs small or large. This will let customers know if their regular size will fit them as expected.

    Make it easy for customers to submit questions about your products. When you get a question submitted, share the question and response on your product page. If one customer has that question, others probably do too. The more information you can give customers, the easier it will be for them to decide to purchase from your site.

  2. Specific measurements
    Another great way to help customers of all shapes and sizes know if clothing will fit them is to include exact measurements. With measurements, customers can better determine what size to order, which will decrease the need to make returns.

    Many websites include a sizing chart with specific information for each product. That way if a student, parent or alum is browsing, they can make a more precise decision based on their own measurements.

  3. Student pictures
    A fun way to add more body inclusivity on your website is to actively seek it out. Set up an influencer program for students on campus that also gives you permission to share their picture on your site. An influencer program is something most students are probably already familiar with. Many new eCommerce sites actively recruit social media influencers to share their products. In return, the customer gets a discount from the store and the store will often reshare their social media post about their product. It helps the influencer and the store grow their audience.

    If you design an influencer program for your store, it can be more than just sharing on social media. You can ask students to submit pictures of themselves in your merchandise. You can add those pictures to your website (with the student’s permission). This will give shoppers an idea of what the item looks like on people they recognize as being like them.

By making sure your site is more inclusive, you improve customer convenience. Having to make a return, especially with an online order, can often feel like a chore. More sizing information and inclusive images can help shoppers know which items will work best for them.


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