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Stephanie Webber is our Supply Chain Analyst at MBS, where she works to ensure our partners get the best books possible in the least amount of time. She has a varied background in the manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries and has held roles in sales, customer service, marketing, purchasing and material management, all of which have prepared her to take a hands-on approach in digging for answers, understanding the root of the problem and working closely with others to develop a solution.

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Textbooks, Gummy Bears and Red Bull, Oh My: A Fresh Perspective on Buyback [Guest Blog]

Posted by Stephanie Webber on 8/31/16 5:00 AM

On average, there's not a lot of churn among college retail administrators. If you're subscribed to Foreword and reading this blog, odds are you've been in your position for a few years — and each buyback isn't exactly your first rodeo. But whether you've done two or two dozen, it pays to get a fresh perspective. Having started in June, MBS Supply Chain Analyst Stephanie Webber is fairly new to the textbook industry in general — and she got to work her first buyback ever just a few weeks later, when she volunteered to work the University of Missouri-Columbia's summer session buy. Keep reading after the jump to see what she learned about the process, and how it relates to what she does for MBS and its partner institutions every day.

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