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Bin-and-Hold Orders Provide More Low-Cost Books

Posted by Liz Schulte on 6/3/24 6:30 AM
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There are many ways to order books from MBS. Which way gives you the best fulfillment rates, more low-cost course materials and an easy way to streamline shipping? A bin-and-hold order.Bin-and-Hold Orders Provide More Low-Cost Books

A bin and hold simply means that your store leaves its want list with MBS for a set amount of time. You can start a bin with as little as one title and as you update the want list with new titles and/or quantities, your list will be reworked against our most current inventory. Additionally, you can request a rework schedule to ensure the bin is compared against our constantly updated inventory daily. After your bin has run its fulfillment course, you will then receive your consolidated order in one shipment, or you can choose to have several orders arrive on designated dates.

How to set up a bin-and-hold order

Select bin and hold as your order type
MBS has many ordering options, including ASAP ordering, but a bin and hold gives your store the best opportunity to get more low-cost books. The difference is with an ASAP order your want list is only compared against a single snapshot of our inventory. With adding reworks to a bin-and-hold order, your order is filled with constantly updated inventory as we get more books into our warehouse facility.

Don’t forget to request reworks!
Every time your want list is reworked, it’s compared to our constantly updated inventory, meaning you have greater access to fresh inventory as it is checked in. You can also use SimpleSource to manage your entire want list easily. With SimpleSource your bin is automatically worked against our inventory several times a day, and you have the option to source from the marketplace. If your store doesn’t use the MBS system or SimpleSource, call order processing to request a rework schedule (800-325-0577).

Leave your want list with us for as long as you can
The longer you can keep your bin and hold going, the more opportunities you have to get the books you need. By starting with your first adoptions (even just one title), you can help ensure next term’s students have low-cost options. Your want list can be easily updated as more adoptions come in.

Make easy adjustments to get the books you want
To maximize the number of used copies included in your bin, simply select the “used only” preference. However, don’t forget to change the preference to “used preferred” as the shipping date gets closer. This will open your want list to MBS’ low-cost new book inventory as well, giving your store the opportunity to pick up new books for less than you can buy them from the publisher and increase the number of books in your bin.

Select your preferred shipping option
Some stores prefer to receive one consolidated shipment. Others choose to have several orders that arrive on designated dates. Select the best option for your store.

If your store doesn't use the MBS system or SimpleSource, select bin and hold as your order type using Realtime Ordering. Need help setting up a bin and hold? Simply contact your MBS representative today.


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