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Centralia College Bookstore Appreciates How MBS Helps Independent College Stores

Posted by Liz Schulte on 11/7/22 6:30 AM
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Centralia College Bookstore has worked with MBS for a number of years through its ICBA membership, but recently they have taken the step to enter into an MBS Premier Partnership. Seeing the value in the array of benefits, the store decided to lock-in MBS partner perks for the future.

Centralia College Bookstore Appreciate How MBS Helps Independent College Stores

Zachary Queen and Julie Wood in the Centralia College Bookstore

Pictured: Zachary Queen and Julie Wood

“We were part of ICBA, so we were already used to some of the Premier Partnership perks, but I wanted to take the necessary steps to ensure we would continue to get those benefits. I appreciate what MBS does. It helps the little independent stores like mine,” Zachary Queen, Bookstore Manager, Centralia College Bookstore, said. “One of the factors that led to this decision are the amazing benefits for sure. We have worked with other vendors and over the years the benefits they offered have lowered. That’s when we decided to find another solution. While other vendors seem to be lowering their standards, MBS isn’t. We like what MBS offers.”

With an MBS Premier Partnership, stores receive benefits that give them priority access to more books, reduced costs and money back into their budgets. These exclusive privileges help save college stores money and streamline processes.

“So far, the most tangible benefit of partnership has been the freight allowance and the three-week two-day ground rate. Just as our fall quarter has started, that’s been really beneficial,” Queen said. “Moving into the next quarter, I am also looking forward to expanded return privileges. I think that will help us a lot.”

In addition, partners have priority access to low-cost course material inventory, a marketing allowance to use for campaigns and promotions and a returns rebate. All of these benefits help support college stores so they can better serve their campus community. In turn, MBS offers college stores more support services to make course material management easier at every level.

“I have worked with Julie [Wood, MBS Territory Manager] for a while. I love working with her, so when Julie reached out with this offer, I was happy to continue that relationship and expand on it. Recently, she came to visit the store. It was great to meet her in person,” Queen said. “I would say overall, MBS has been great.”


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