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Exploring Arc: Watch the Webinar Recap

Posted by Dean Asher on 4/19/16 12:00 AM
Topics: MBS Arc

If you missed our recent webinar series that gives a closer look at Arc, don't worry — MBS Systems customers can still catch it.

Exploring Arc: Watch the Webinar Recap

This 30-minute video review of the new MBS retail management suite highlights Arc's efficiency and its highly intuitive format. Arc is designed to match the goals, tasks, and needs of the modern college bookstore.

You'll get a closer look at what Arc brings your store, including:

  • A flexible interface that can be personalized to fit you and your store's particular needs
  • A responsive HTML-5 application that let you interact with your data on any device
  • A single sign-on platform with personalized profiles, letting you manage every aspect of your store at once and control who has what privileges
  • Fewer clicks in a more graphical interface
  • New tools and features including buyer trends information, in-line images of merchandise and more

If you don't have a login to view the webinar, contact your client rep to have one set up.

Contact your client representative or email us if you have questions about ARC or the video.

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