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Reclaim Hours and Energy With Arc

Posted by Lori Reese on 7/3/18 5:30 AM
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It saves more than time. It saves the life of your store. With Advanced Retail Center, Arc, from MBS Systems, you have more time and energy for customers, for training associates and for ensuring your store is a campus destination.  

Reclaim Hours and Energy With Arc

Little wonder college store managers and directors are eager to implement the technology. 

"It's gotten a strong, immediate, enthusiastic response," said Vice President of MBS Customer Relations Sarah Shiflet. "I think the flexibility and control we’re giving stores — from being able to change around what’s on screen at any given time to suit them, to taking their raw data and letting them interact with it — that’s the key. We’re letting them control everything, saying ‘there’s no right or wrong way to do this, there’s only your way.’”

Arc untangles your computer-based work experience, streamlining back-office tasks that once monopolized your days. Instead of shifting back and forth among browsers and programs, on and offline, Arc lets you access a suite of productivity applications via a single portal.

That’s right: Log in once. Access a host of applications. Personalize a suite of management tools based on your store’s particular needs.

Arc's convenience fulfills a long-desired need in the world of college retail, according to MBS Systems Sales Consultant Victor Hoffman.

"There are a lot of folks that want this. I think the industry as a whole has been really asking for better and better tools for their stores and this is a product from MBS that answers that." 

As a web-based portal, Arc allows you to work wherever there’s WiFi: in the office, at a second store, at home, at a campus meeting. Your operating system will be less vulnerable to costly crashes. Frustrating computer glitches won’t steal the energy you’d rather give your clientele.

Arc allows you to manage every aspect of your store. You can:

  • Check on live inventory
  • Replenish stock at multiple stores
  • See real-time merchandise performance data
  • Manage educational pricing
  • Create and schedule POs
  • Export work outside Arc
  • Send notes to staff
  • Personalize profiles to control who has privileges

No more memorizing multiple passwords. No more waiting for clunky memory-draining applications to load. No more restarting the computer when the operating system freezes. With Arc, you can reclaim your time and focus your energy where the store needs you most.

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