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How MBS Store Technology Solutions Personalizes Every College Store System Implementation

Posted by Liz Schulte on 3/25/24 6:15 AM
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Switching to a new collegiate retail system can be overwhelming. There is so much to do and usually a limited time to accomplish the switch. That’s why the clear, concise expert implementation guidance provided by MBS Store Technology Solutions is vital to a smooth collegiate retail system upgrade.How MBS Store Technology Solutions Personalizes Every College Store Implementation

How does MBS Store Technology Solutions personalize each college store system implementation?

We listen
Our implementation specialists understand that every college store faces its own set of unique challenges and has its own goals and strategies for the future. By speaking with and listening to each store, our specialists develop a personalized implementation plan for every new customer, ensuring the implementation supports the store’s goals, both immediate and future.

We develop a custom implementation plan for each store
MBS Store Technology Solutions works with stores of all sizes. In our all-phase plan, we take what we learned listening to our partners and create specific project goals, helping coordinate the resources for each task. We build training for each element into the plan as well as help the store prepare for the new system. Stores have many options within our system and no two implementations are the same. Each implementation is designed for the specific store, its goals and the challenges it may face.

We ask questions to better understand resource availability
Implementing a new collegiate retail system often requires more campus involvement than just the college store. After the implementation team creates a plan for a store, they will go over the various campus resources, such as the IT department, the bursar’s office, etc., that will need to be involved in the implementation. Assessing each group’s availability and time constraints helps to create an accurate implementation timeline.

We communicate with all campus stakeholders
Clear, concise and consistent communication is key to a successful implementation. Throughout the process, all project stakeholders are kept informed about the timing and requirements for each goal. This gives everyone the opportunity to voice concerns, share their thoughts and really make sure the system is implemented in a way that works for the entire campus group.

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The college store system is the single most important tool in the campus store. From sales to reporting, the system touches nearly every day-to-day, week-to-week, month-to-month, year-to-year store process. Partnering with a reliable, committed and experienced provider of collegiate retail technology ensures your store is ready to meet current industry demands and evolve with the future.


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